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Author: Tala Berro

Tags : Africa, Heritage, Israel, Middle East, Quarter Finalist

The Warring Polar Opposites of Palestine and Israel

After 9/11 many racial assumptions arose as people questioned others from Arab countries. Two summers ago I travelled to Ramallah, Palestine to learn more about my heritage. My mother and I flew to Jordan and from there used a bus system to an Israeli guarded station where taxis would end the trip. However, this trip needed willpower and strength since the line lasted hours and hoards of luggage piled outside waiting for the owner to grab and shove into a bus.

Author: Jade Lakin

Tags : Africa, Exploring, Israel, Middle East

The Holy Land: Journey of a Lifetime

In August of 2009, I traveled with 13 youth pilgrims and 5 adult leaders to Israel, through an organization called Hands in Healing- a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. When I think of Israel, so many things come to mind. Friendship. Laughter and tears. Love. Culture. Tolerance. Memories. But the word that I automatically use to describe the Holy Land is home. I've never wanted to be somewhere so badly. To breathe in it's air and to walk on it's streets. To see the familiar sights and faces I've been longing to see.

Author: Amiele

Tags : Africa, Israel, Middle East

Israel and its Reality

Author: Alex Cohen

Tags : Africa, Israel, Middle East, Volunteering

Israel, the most amazing country in the world.



In the summer of 2009 I took a trip to Israel which would forever change my views and feelings towards Judaism. For a month I toured Israel and experienced a foreign country for the first time in the short 16 years of my life. I had the most amazing time hiking, volunteering and learning about the Israeli and Jewish culture. The trip and it's influence on my life will be a part of me forever.

Author: Yolanta Bzdyk

Tags : Africa, Heritage, Israel, Middle East, Quarter Finalist

A Trip to the Motherland

“Guys, guess what? We are going to Israel!  Yes, you heard it right, Israel!”  Those were my mother’s first words at the beginning of February of 2011, and she would not stop repeating them. When I first heard Israel, I thought I misunderstood my mom and that she was going crazy, but I was so wrong! This adventurous trip all started when my aunt and my mom got together and came up with the idea of visiting the Holy Land in order to see where Jesus was born, before any war outbreaks occurred in the Middle East.