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Author: Frank Thomas Bronkowski

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An Eductaional Vacation

Author: Jasmine

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British Bunting

Author: Isabella Gyulnazaryan

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A Shift in Perspective

               Travel.  That one word brings many images to mind. Beautiful locations and amazing times, new foods and different people. But that word could also bring to mind learning experiences.  The experiences that travelers go through teach them lessons and form them into the people they later become.             

               It was during a trip to London via World Strides, that I had encountered a place that confronted my perspective on myself and America, and had changed it dramatically:            

Author: Shivam Dave

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Just Take the Tube!

I had never been in England before. Rarely had I ever travelled without my parents in the past either. Yet both these situations somehow came together in my trip to London this summer with my brother.  There, we played the roles of typical tourists, oohing and aahing at sights that the locals passed every day and no longer found spectacular. Although the trip lasted 3 days, I find that it is best to talk about the one uncharacteristically bright London summer day which will go down in my memory as unforgettable.

Author: Maddy Cooper

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Lost in the Big City

Author: Ashley Suzanne Carey

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YOLO…it’s an acronym meaning “you only live once.”  When my school announced a trip to Europe which would include 4 days in London, England, my friends and I knew this was the experience of a lifetime that we couldn’t miss…and it proved to be just that!  One day stood out more than the rest though, the day we visited Westminster Abbey.   

Author: Sophie Albanis

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I Saw London, I Saw France!

Author: SilenceDogood

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A Yellow Brick Road

            Gold was everywhere: the buildings, the parks, the people. Everything possessed an aura that was unquestionably golden. That was what I noticed the moment I stepped from the dim yellow lights of the airplane into the night-time brilliance that was London. Even in the harsh fluorescence that pervades every city in the evenings, London had its golden glow.

Author: Family Travel Forum Staff

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London Sightseeing: Top Family Tours And Attractions

From the roof of a red doubledecker bus or the galleries of a great museums, an organized tour can help you make the most of your London family vacation.  This is especially true during 2012, the summer of the London Olympics, when knowing where to get out of town for the day may be your family's best sightseeing option. 

Here are some favorite ideas, along with links to purchase tickets so you won't find yourself waiting in long lines -- or "queueing up" as the Brits like to say.

Note! This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question, and stay up to date with current events to ensure a safe and successful trip.