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What's Free In London Over The Holidays

While spending money during Christmas seems the thing to do; London England actually offers great traditional family activities that come at the best price: free. The city that inspired Dickens’s holiday classic "A Christmas Carol" is simply magical at the holidays: the air is crisp and filled with the smell of chestnuts roasting, the pubs often have open fires, and there are shimmering lights and window decorations on display everywhere.

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The Knights In London


You mean me? In London for 12 days? And it’ll be only Raenell and I?

 Welcome To London

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“On the Route of the 19 Bus”, on the Border to the Rest of the World

I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout Europe. However, the most formative of my trips was one where I didn’t learn a new language, I wasn’t confronted with unfamiliar cuisines, and where I ended up falling, in an almost clichéd  way, in love with a city that 7,000,000 other people call home. July of 2011 wasn’t the first time that I had been to London, but as I stepped past the friendly, smiling customs agent and into the blinding sun, I felt something was going to be different about this week.

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English Rides

When I try and think of my favorite travel experience, my mind goes numb and I’m forced to ride through various memories that include cute accents, long car rides, short plane rides and eclectic restaurants. Normally, the feeling of adventure that returns is soon shattered when I look down and see I haven’t completed my near-impossible math test. Although, when my ride of nostalgia is complete, I always get off at the same place: London, England. 

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Landing in London

After two years of raising money, planning and practice, we had finally made it. The Shawnee Mission West High School marching band landed in London, England, just two days after Christmas 2011. Officially, we were in London to march in the New Years Day Parade, but we were also there to experience something new.

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An Eductaional Vacation

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British Bunting

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A Shift in Perspective

               Travel.  That one word brings many images to mind. Beautiful locations and amazing times, new foods and different people. But that word could also bring to mind learning experiences.  The experiences that travelers go through teach them lessons and form them into the people they later become.             

               It was during a trip to London via World Strides, that I had encountered a place that confronted my perspective on myself and America, and had changed it dramatically:            

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Just Take the Tube!

I had never been in England before. Rarely had I ever travelled without my parents in the past either. Yet both these situations somehow came together in my trip to London this summer with my brother.  There, we played the roles of typical tourists, oohing and aahing at sights that the locals passed every day and no longer found spectacular. Although the trip lasted 3 days, I find that it is best to talk about the one uncharacteristically bright London summer day which will go down in my memory as unforgettable.