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Author: John Smith

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From Britain to Greece: Eurotrip 2010

Getting the chance to travel the world is a pretty rare one, so two years ago, when my sister and I got the opportunity to travel across the entire continent of Europe, we readily took it.  Although my parents were unable to join us for the trip, as it was a school sponsored one, our older brother had gone on a similar trip in a previous year, so our parents were perfectly willing to allow us to travel with a school group.

Author: Ryan Campbell

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My Trip Across The Atlantic

As a resident of South Florida I am engrossed in a plethora of different cultures and people from every corner of this world every day. These surroundings evolved my interest in the world outside of South Florida. I took every opportunity to study such countries as Costa Rica, France, Cambodia, etc. My first opportunity to travel was when I was 14 years old and my mother and I took the 9hr flight to Great Britain.

Author: Grace

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Spring Break in Europe


Author: Hannah Green

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People To People Trip 2010