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Avid Skiers + Toddler = Thrills in Banff

Imagine taking your two-year-old on a ski trip to Alberta, Canada? Here;s how one Family Travel Forum family made it a success.Several years ago, my husband, 2-year-old son and I spent a one...

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Toronto – The Big Family Friendly City!

It takes a week for visitors to get to know Toronto in Ontario, Canada, but a what a fun week it will be!As far as big cities go, Toronto is a bit of an anomaly, albeit a good one. It is Canada's...

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Planning Your Trip to Toronto

If you've read my story on the best way to spend seven days in Toronto, I hope you'll take advantage of some more advice from a local mom on...

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Bahamas: Scuba-Loving Parents Pursue Excellent Childcare

Family Travel Forum's insiders guide to the best scuba destinations for divers with young children, with recommendations for superior childcare in Andros, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos. For...

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