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FTF tells you how to find Internet cafes worldwide.

As high school and college-aged travelers visit distant lands with ever-increasing frequency, Internet cafés have popped up all over the globe, capitalizing on traveler’s need to keep in touch with family and friends.

Throughout Europe and the United States, cybercafés, which combine the cozy atmosphere of a coffee shop with personal computer stations, are a stable of all domestic and international major cities.

Easy Internet Cafe, a company that opened in 1999 under the name EasyEverything, is still around. While their locations may have dwindled, they still have competitive prices with a minimum purchase of $.0.50. They have four locations in New York and more scattered around the world.

And throughout Central and South America, the Middle East and Asia, from Hong Kong to the tiny mountain town of Boquette, Panama, small mom-and-pop cybercafés are up and running. Now students have no excuse for “disappearing” from the family for a while.

For a directory of cybercafés worldwide, check out

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