rant on roadtrips! - My Family Travels

i love to travel! roadtrips are fun but i don't mind taking other forms of transportations: airplanes and what not.

umm let me list the places ive been too. my parents travel like crazy.

so sometimes we have crazy road trips and we spend like weeks on the road. we stuff the car so that we're suffocated with things that we need for our daily lives. its pretty insane because we just throw into our van whatever we would need and use in our daily lives at home.

it feels really uncomfortable the first few hours on the road because you don't really know how to sit yourself comfortably. usually i take the back so i lay on all three seats and theres like pillows and blankets everywhere. whenever we stop somewhere for food or bathroom breaks it really takes some use to, to get out of the car. first you gotta put your shoes back on and then climb out through the coolers and large bags of food and backpacks that block the way to get out of the door. its a really long process. 

well anyway. sometimes we drive like six hours or plus on the road to get to wherever we want to get too. usually my dad drives because hes always the designated driver, i think he likes to drive or something. its like his hobby. well and my mom calls shotgun. always. she tells directions with her huge o triple AAA maps of a whole bunch of states. they make a great team… when they're not cranky and all from lack of sleep and aches from sitting too long. usually they bicker and nag at eachother when they're all grumpy and all. like how the guy never likes to stop and ask for directions "that sort of thing " yeah ill get into "the deal with my parents" later.

yeah so then i always take my cousin vi with me. we get along great in a weird sort of way. we goof around a lot. and its not that weird that theres a three year age difference. we just act how we always act. "weird" and its fun. and sometimes her mom would come along and her little brother.

well anyways so when we start our road trip adventure we wake up pretty early. like in the morning when no ones out on the road. and since we're asian.. its expected we go out and buy lee sandwiches and asian food to store for our traveling fun. my parents always do that. usually we bring along our rice cooker and all. seaweed… yum my favorite. yeah you  might think thats pretty weird. im pretty simple i eat it with rice and whatever else asian people tend to eat. so anyways we're first on the road and we're all cranky and what not and theres always something we forget to bring… books. games to play. CARDS.. a must have.. to pass the time along you know..

so anyways my parents like to go to random places. sometimes its camping. and it's not your average girl boy scouts camping in the woods. they go all out. and go camping in those national parks! at first i was like whats a national park? but after a few too many i really got used to it and i really liked it. so my first national park that was really great was "yellowstone" yeah huh first national park. and by the way we live in southern california. and yellowstone is like way out in the mid west. its like part of three states utah wyoming and another one i cant recall at the moment. i should know this.

well anyways so its like a week long trip. ill get into each park later if i can remember them specifically . but generally i sit in the car till my butt aches. and usually i sleep.

i remember one time i got so bored i did sit ups on the floor of the car.. yeah i know.. i shouldnt be saying this. haha.

so anyways several of our crazy road trips involve going to canada. and thats like uh in another country across the border. so i spend my life in a car for a pretty long time. i know some people probably have had road trips across the country. but i think i have to admit california cut across like six or more states to canada is kind of far too. it feels like forever.

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