Craziness to San Diego - My Family Travels

On the last week of June this summer, I went on a last minute and crazy trip to San Diego with my uncle, three cousins, and one weird stranger who tagged along. My cousin Annie realized she had to go to orientation at UC San Diego and the idiots that we all were, we decided to drive there from San Francisco. I later realized after suffering through the whole drive that it was a STUPID idea to drive eight hours with a few stops.

The day started out horribly, because my uncle made us get out of bed at 3 A.M. in the morning. My cousins and I were not in a happy mood and it got even worse when my uncle told us that Jason, the son of one of his friends was coming along. We stared at him like he was crazy, but didn’t argue much due to the fact that we were still in a sleeping coma. Everything just got worst from this point. While we were on the freeway, my uncle got pulled over for speeding and tailgating the cops. I couldn’t believe that this happened! Who in their right mind would EVER in their life tailgate the cops on a busy and cold freeway!!! (huge sigh) Luckily my uncle got off with a warning, but when the cops left my uncle started ranting and we were trying to explain to him that he was the one in the wrong and he shouldn’t speed or tailgate the cops. He still to this day believes that he did nothing wrong.

After 8 hours of boredom, continuous replays of songs, Jason’s horrendous singing of “Fergalicious,” and eating junk food we reached the Holiday Inn in San Diego. We visited the area with all the huge ships and had a relaxing time at the beach. By one of the ships near the area my cousin Amy was standing, a seagull swooped down and scared her. She gave a loud shriek and ran towards me. I was laughing so hard at her expression that I had tears in my eyes. We saw that the seagull was eating a dead and disgusting looking pigeon. Oh my God that was disgusting! My cousin Ronald went over and described to us in very descriptive words how the dead pigeon looked. I was disgusted! I can’t believe he found the dead bird so fascinating, which proves to me how weird my family is.

On the day of my cousin Annie’s orientation, we got completely lost trying to find the college she had to check-in with. While Amy and I quietly got a map and asked some people for directions, Annie was arguing LOUDLY with her dad. That was a pretty embarrassing moment, because people stared, and I mean some of them stopped and stared for a few moments! Jason just left the group to wander around the campus and we also kicked Annie out of the car when we saw a group of freshman walking on the campus. We drove away quickly so she couldn’t yell at us and we decided to find a beach or mall to hang out around. We got lost several times, which is what I believe is a ritual for my family when driving to any place foreign. I later had to sit in the car and hotel room and listen to Annie rant on and on about what WE did to her and how the orientation was completely boring and a waste of her time. It was complete chaos. All I have to say is that I am grateful I made it through that trip and in the future I am going to carefully consider who I travel with and how to get there. I am NEVER going through that experience again.

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