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At my middle school the drama class was THE class that everyone wanted to get in to.  You had to “apply” for the class and the teacher had to accept you.  Im so glad i got in because drama class made 8th grade the best year of my life.

My drama teacher, naturally, was a little “out of the box”.  She was a character but we all grew to love her.  I remember at the beginning of the year she told us “I wish i could take yall to Broadway to see a REAL performance.”  We all laughed at the time because this was just a wild fantasy of hers.  It never occured to us that she WAS crazy enough to pursue an idea like this.

Sure enough, she talked to our principle and got a travel agent to begin planning our trip.  She was giving us the chance to go to New York for a whole week!  This was the opportunity of a lifetime for us.  However, the planning was alot of work; we each had to raise about $1,000 to be able to go. (this was a good price considering all of the things we would be doing on this trip).  Our expenses included round trip airline tickets, a hotel on times square, lunch at Tavern on The Green, two Broadway shows, and much more.

Im going to start off by telling you one of my favorite places in New York. There was this Toys-R-Us store with a giant ferris wheel in the center of the building! I felt like a kind again as my 14-yr old self ran around that store. There was a lifesize Candy Land, a walk-in Barbi house, and a world made out of legos. It was HEAVEN.  And then, right down the street for this child wonderland was another wonderland.  This wonderland went by the name of “Abercrombie & Fitch”….if it was hot enough outside the Abercrombie moldels would come out shirtless and oggle the public with their perfectly toned abbs. mmmmmmmmmmm

Then of course there was most obvious pary of New York, the streets where you have no walking room and no thinking room….you just move with the crowd.  People were unusually pushy and rude at times; I even saw a taxi cab run right up to a pedestrian and almost knock her off her feet. Then, amung the crowd you could se the dirt.  I am talking about the “dirt” that human being do and the secret deeds that are done on the streets of New York CIty.  At one point when we were shopping, we were taking into a wearhouse to get purses.  This wearhouse looked like something that a Saw movie is shot it. It was truely terrifying. We were led to the top of a raggid staircase, and it a small room there was a collestion of name-brand purses.  This room was maybe 10sq ft and it REAKED with the uncomfortable odor of dishonest dealing.  Everyone in the group was ready to leave immediatly, except for two girl who decided to buy a bag.

I cant forget to tell you about our TWO Broadway shows. First we saw Marry Poppins.  And it turns out that my drama teacher use to teach the actress who played marry poppins that night, so we all got free autographs and photos with her.  THEN we got to see Lion King.  Lion King was probably the most interesting, exciting, and colorful thing ive ever seen. (even though i fell asleep during one of the songs)

You have got to realize that this woman didnt let us sleep for the majority of the trip. I must have gotte a total of 8 hours of proper sleep for the entire week. 

Unfortunatelly, the idea didnt sink in untill i got home….then i realized  “wow i was really in newyork, i really stood at the top of the empire state building, i really walked down times square….etc” It was crazy and i could never beging to write down ALL of the excitement that we experienced but im dying to go back.

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