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One of the best ways to enjoy the cold weather is by planning a winter getaway to create memories. By visiting a new location with a snowy landscape, your family will spend bonding moments to last you a lifetime.

But that’s easier said than done. The perfect trip requires a lot of planning and careful consideration. Even then, your plans need to change depending on the situation, such as an unexpected blizzard.

In this article, you’ll get to see a glimpse of what the entire winter vacation could look like starting from the planning to seeing it in action to creating memories. Let’s start.

Mom and Dad pulling 2 small children through the snow on their own sleds.
Get out and play in the snow to appreciate nature’s beauty in winter. Photo by Yan Kurkau for pexels.

Preparing for the Trip and Making Memories

If you’re determined to take your family out this winter, it all begins with the planning. Although it’s technically not part of the trip, it’s just as exciting looking up places and decide where you want to go. It might not be as exciting as booking a ticket for the Phantom of the Opera (if you’re into those things), but it’s just as memorable.

When choosing the ideal place for your family winter vacation, look for places where you can do things. Winter is not the time to spend indoors. So your holiday destination should have a plethora of winter activities to choose from, such as skiing or snowboarding. Enjoying activities together is how you create memories.

Then there’s the matter of packing for your trip. Unlike a summer vacation, where you can take a change of clothes, winter vacations are different. You need to pack enough warm clothes to enjoy yourself properly. Likewise, snacks are also something that you need to consider, as hearty sustenance makes all the difference in keeping everyone’s energy levels up.

Mother and daughter sit on the floor and fold clothes to put into a suitcase.
Planning and packing together are essential parts of your magical winter vacation. Photo by Vlada Karpovich for pexels.

Settling In and Taking in the Sights

You can ask anyone, and everyone will tell you the same thing. The first moments after arriving at your destination are magical; cherish them to create memories. That’s when you realize you get to take a break from your daily routine and relax with your loved ones.

Once you’ve checked in to your accommodation, take a deep breath and let it sink in.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to enjoy the sights and surroundings, the realization kicks in that you’re on vacation. Hold onto that feeling while start unpacking.

When you’re all ready and set to go, start look for the different activity options. Look for the nearest sledding hill, or find a good place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. If you have your kids with you, make sure the cafe serves hot chocolate, which they’ll definitely enjoy. Create memories at every meal.

Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Two people playing Monopoly board game on the floor.
Playing board games inside, in front of the fireplace, is one of winter’s pleasures. Photo by Maria Lim Kin Lum for unsplash.

For the next few days, focus on making each moment as memorable as possible. Everything that you do should fill your trip with laughter and joy.

Go skiing with your partner or snow tubing down the hill. Head to the woods or a favorite mountain resort. If you prefer a bit of adventure, snowboarding is one of the best things that you can do.

But you can’t spend the whole time outside. At night, when the cold settles in, get everyone and sit around the fireplace. Play cards or board games with your kids instead of scrolling your phones. You can also host a movie night complete with snacks like hot popcorn and smores. And don’t forget about some hot cocoa, that’s a must.

Create Memories And Capture Every Moment

Dad and child on sled stroller go for walk in the woods on a snowy day.
Take pictures to capture those quiet moments together on your next winter family vacation. Photo by Yan Krukau for pexels.

These days, with social media being so popular, people are constantly documenting every aspect of their lives. Typically, just taking pictures would be the last thing you want to do on a trip.

But as the winter trip is a special moment, don’t hesitate to capture every single moment. The laughter, the snowball fights, staying huddled in front of the fireplace; be sure to take a picture of it all. Create memories and record them.

You should remember these images are not for uploading on your social media feed. Instead, they are time capsules that will take you back to these moments whenever you see them in the future.

Wrapping Up the Winter Getaway

closeup of a snow flake on block of ice.
Create memories on your winter vacation as perfect as each snowflake and keep them as lasting souvenirs. Photo c. Aaron Burden via unsplash

As you near the end of your journey, don’t forget to take a moment to recollect the adventurous days you’ve spent with everyone. Reflect on your vacation together. Be thankful for the time that you were able to spend and think about what you want to do next year.

Make your winter getaways a regular thing. After all, that’s the best way to enjoy the season.

As you head back home and return to your daily lives, get some souvenirs to remember your time here.

But there’s something more important that you’ll be taking back as well. Those are the amazing moments that you get to spend with the people that are closest to your heart.

Although everyone calls a winter trip a vacation, it’s a journey and adventure where you create core memories. Every part of it is going to be memorable, so be sure to enjoy yourself through it all.

Juliana Sidsel and her family love winter holidays and look for opportunities to create memories together whenever the snow falls. She contributed this blog post on behalf of sponsor

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    Planning a winter getaway is an adventure in itself. The snowy landscapes add a magical touch to the family bonding experience. You nailed it. meticulous planning is key, and being ready for unexpected twists, like a surprise blizzard, keeps the excitement alive. Any memorable winter destinations you’d recommend?

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