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    Those who has ever travelled to Sapa must have visited Heaven Gate at least once, which is one of the most famous places in this cloudy city. It is named like that because it is the highest point there. Standing at there, you can witness by your naked eyes the comprehensive view of the large valleys and the summit of Fansipan moutain.

    1. The road to Heaven Gate
    About 18 kilometers from Sapa town, the road leads to Heaven Gate is too winding and zigzagging for people to easily access. It is compared to a rope gently surrounding the mountain range and spinning the nearby forests with a plenty of clouds, smoke and sunlight lurking in the continuum. This road is between Hoang Lien Son Mountains and Heaven Gate, which creates an imposing scenery that most people enjoy.
    Standing at the center of Heaven Gate, tourists can see all the view of Sapa including large valleys and a the endless greenish paddy fields. Also, the route from Phong Tho (Lai Chau) to Sapa (Lao Cai) emerges obviously. Looking further, what we can see is Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall), one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in Lao Cai. This natural attraction is always attracting myriad young dudes for its mighty charm. Silver Waterfall is about 200 meters in height and it always runs impetuously from dust till dawn, which add more colors to the tranquility of solitary mountain ranges there.

    2. Weather in Heaven Gate
    The weather in Heaven Gate is extremely interesting because it seems to converge all the seasons in a year on just a day. To illustrate, the weather is extremely gentle in the morning as of spring, then noon comes with the weather similar to early summer due to glorious sunlight beams.
    Especially, overcast afternoon with clouds and dense fog makes visitors a little chill a little bit, leading to the feeling of autumn and winter incessantly until the wee hours. The annual average temperature in Sapa is usually approximately from 15 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the weather makes visitors pleased and easeful.

    3. Heaven Gate – The cloudy paradise
    From the top of Sapa, tourists can see its overall view, also, hear natural sound from the bulky mountains and forests in the northwest area. Notably, we can see the panoramic view of Fansipan, dubbed as “The roof of Indochina”. Underneath, there are a lot of abysses and primitive forests. Many objects still remain mysterious because they have never been explored completely. Switching our gears out of this inherent mystery, this scenery is more colorful by the aglow color from Pinkster flowers and the pure white color from plum blossoms. It must be one of the best masterpieces made by nature.
    Having visited Heaven Gate, we can understand that Sapa is not famous for its beautiful natural scenery but also by the peace, simplicity, and aboriginality it carries. Let’s visit it once in your lifetime to discover the excellent beauty of nature and native human there.

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