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    Monu Antil

    The Balpakram National Park: Meghalaya

    Balpakram National Park, nestled in the picturesque state of Meghalaya in northeastern India, is a haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. This sprawling wilderness, spread across the Garo Hills, unfolds a tapestry of diverse ecosystems, rare flora and fauna, and breathtaking landscapes. Embark on an expedition into the heart of Balpakram, where every step reveals a new facet of this natural wonder. This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about the best national parks in Meghalaya, from its rich biodiversity to thrilling adventure opportunities.
    Balpakram translates as “the land of perpetual winds” and the Garos in the region call it “the land of the spirits”, which makes it one of the interesting places to explore Meghalaya. The mini-canyon of this national park divides the Garo Hills plateau, which stretches across a river valley from the Khasi Hills plateau, making it one of the most picturesque valleys of Meghalaya.

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    DD Mazumdar

    One can find this travel blog helpful if you are travelling to India.

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    Best place to visit in India depends on your personal interests and travel goals. Here’s my list of highly recommended places to visit in India if it’s your first time:

    1. Jaipur, Rajasthan: Known as the “Pink City,” Jaipur is famous for its historic palaces, forts, and temples.
    2. Taj Mahal, Agra: It’s the most common go-to spot for travelers and part of the 7 wonders of the world.
    3. Goa: If you love hanging out go, its famous for its beaches, nightlife, and Portuguese architecture.
    4. Leh-Ladakh: Something serene and less crowded, the place is in a high-altitude desert region known for its stunning landscapes and unique culture.
    5. Mumbai: You can find affordable food and places here. It is also lively at night in this area.
    6. Kerala: Known for its backwaters, lush greenery, and spice plantations, Kerala is often referred to as “God’s Own Country.”
    7. Hampi, Karnataka: A must-place, it’s famous for its ancient ruins and temples.

    If you are visiting alone get yourself a local tour guide to get around places conveniently.

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    Allen katherine

    India has always been a destination that fascinates and captivates people from all over the world. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with immense cultural diversity and an unrivaled history. The country is also home to some of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes, including beaches, jungles, mountains, deserts – you name it!
    If you are planning on visiting India soon or have already visited and want to know more about this fascinating country and its rich culture – read on for some helpful tips here:
    where you will know what care you should keep while traveling to any new place. & how to make your trip even more rewarding!

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    India is one of those destinations that ends up on every traveler’s bucket list at some point. They might dream of going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in all its glory, or exploring the royal palaces scattered throughout Rajasthan. Others find themselves attracted to the jaw-dropping landscapes in Darjeeling and Rishikesh, or the postcard-perfect beaches in Goa.

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    There are so many places to visit in India.
    Agra- Taj Mahal in Agra.
    New Delhi- Humayun’s Tomb.
    Mumbai- The Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.
    Rajasthan- Gadi Sagar Temple in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
    Rishikesh- Rishikesh.
    Varanasi- A holy person on the Ganges River in Varanasi.
    Amritsar- The Golden Temple in Amritsar.
    Mcleodganj – Heaven Amidst The Hills.
    Srinagar – The Gem Of Kashmir.
    Andaman – The Beach Haven.
    Leh-Ladakh – The Biker’s Paradise.
    Yes India is best place to visit, but you can visit also Dubai. if you want to visit Dubai just contact:

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    John Gentry

    Deeply traditional yet endlessly surprising, India is one of those destinations that ends up on every traveler’s bucket list at some point. They might dream of going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in all its glory or exploring the royal palaces scattered throughout Rajasthan. Others find themselves attracted to the jaw-dropping landscapes in Darjeeling and Rishikesh, or the postcard-perfect beaches in Goa.

    There’s also India’s big cities—New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata—each of which has its own distinctive personality. It’s impossible to get bored exploring the temples, markets, and colorful streets of India’s biggest urban centers. The hardest part of traveling to India is figuring out exactly what to see on your journey.

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    The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a group of islands are a union territory of India. The island was formerly home to several indigenous tribes before being used as a prison colony during the British conquest of India. Amidst dreadful notoriety during the colonial period, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are now one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. The islands are well-known for their peaceful, white-sand beaches and clear blue waters. The Portblair, Havelock island, Niel island are the must-visit places of Andaman. The fact is that every places of Andaman are really beautiful in its own way and attracts tourists. Besides seas and historical spots, this place is very famous for water activities and trekking. You can enjoy this place by choosing Andaman tour packages from Chennai,Hyderabad,Kolkata,Banglore etc.

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    The Flycatcher Resort, homestay, Kalimpong

    Touring Around KOLAKHAM

    Kolakham is situated on the edge of Neora Valley woodland. Fans individuals can appreciate nature trail along the pleasant green timberland with an assortment of birds and greenery including some uncommon types of untamed life. Sightseers can likewise go for a roadtrip to Lava, Rishop and Charkol.

    Neora Valley Forest: A wilderness safari by Jeep and journey inside the backwoods is a superb encounter. This outing is an unquestionable requirement to all nature sweethearts and bird watchers. The outings through profound wilderness , loaded with tropical timberland and most unique cases will make this excursion essential one. More gutsy individuals can go for a Rachela Trek towards the Aritar.

    Changi Falls: Changey falls or Changey Changi only 3 kilometers vehicle travel and 1.5 kilometer stroll down through considerately fabricated flights of stairs and rest cabin takes you to the most excellent falls in the profound woods of Darjeeling Hills. It is the lone falls in the profound backwoods which can be reached by sightseers by jeep ride and a stroll down to around 250 steps. In the profound woodland of Neora Valley backwoods with hints of uncommon tropical birds like Wagtail, Minivet and others make your excursion a paramount one.

    Magma: Lava is an unassuming community in Darjeeling locale and 8 km from Kolakham. A visit to the Lava Monastery and Neora valley Interpretation focus offers a brief glance at the endlessness of nature’s flourishing.

    Rishyap: The beautiful Rishop offers a breathtaking perspective on snow-covered Mt Kanchenjunga alongside Mt Kabroo, Mt Kharg Mt Pandim, Mt Simvo and Mt Rathung.

    Charkhole: Charkhole is an incredible spot for sightseers and gives an amazing perspective on Mt Kanchenjunga and different tops from a table top mountain. It is new area of interest nature resort around here and around 32 km from Kolakham.

    Environment: Summer around 5-20° C,winter around 0-8° C

    Elevation: 6,500 ft

    Dress and Luggage: Travel as light as conceivable with least garments, toiletries and other fundamental products and as these spaces is cold in winter it is fitting to convey warm woolen garments, woolen gloves, gloves, cap and so on During the period of Dec to Feb, Darjeeling is freezing and frequently encounters weighty snowfall. Kindly convey weighty woolen pieces of clothing during winter.

    Food and Drink: Drink just filtered water. Kindly convey your water from Lava, Kalimpong or Siliguri. Since this space doesn’t have any single shop, it is consistently fitting to convey dry food sources like bread rolls, chips, dry organic products, organic products and so forth Unfamiliar Liquors/Alcohols are not likewise accessible in Kolakham.

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    Rita Nong

    Kerala is the best

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    Srilu Uppari

    India is one of the sought after country to visit. It is an enormous and diverse destination. It’s hard to say which place is best there are lots of places in India to explore and make your holiday so memorable. This is the country that must be every travel bucket list.

    I share with you some of the places in India which I have visited. These are really mind-blowing attractions.


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    Amar deep Singh

    By the way, in India you said that you should roam, many people gave you the answer to this, but I would advise you to visit the sights of Man of the Millennium Mahatma Gandhi, once you visit it.

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    Manoj Kumar Singh

    Which is the best time for tour to Wagah Border?
    Visiting the Wagah Border to witness the Indo-Pak Beating Retreat ceremony is one of the most popular things to do in Amritsar. People from all over the world come to Amritsar for the momentous Wagah border tour.
    You must reach the venue at 3 PM or so. The ceremony starts at around 4 PM in winters and 5 PM in summers so you need to plan your tour accordingly. In terms of weather conditions, both summers and winters in Amritsar may get a little extreme so it would be best to visit the city either between September and November or February and March as the weather is the most pleasant during this time and, therefore, most suitable for your tour.

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    Explore Himachal Pradesh. There are many places you can explore.
    Barot Valley – Away from city and you can taste best trot fish
    Bir Billing For Para Gliding
    Chooddhar Shiva Temple on the Top and many more

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    Alexa jhonson

    Last winter, I visited Shimla for celebrating my Christmas eve with my family and there I find various tourist spots where you feel like mesmerizing out there. In India you find every city has its own importance and beauty. You must visit at least once to see the beauty of India.

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    hi, did anyone move from India on the contrary to the UK? how is this going? what do I need for this? I’ll soon go there as a tourist, but in the near future I want to move forever, are there those who have already done so? What can you advise? By the way, choosing a house, I heard that postcodes have their own kind of story that the prestige of a house depends on the postcode, right? Is there any london postcode list? Thanks in advance…

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    Maureeno Waters

    There are so many places to visit in India. Just give a search on google and see the full list of the beautiful places.

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    Amy Berg

    A bike trip to Leh Ladakh is one of the most Best Adventures Trips to India that many people hope to knowledge at least once in their lifetime. It is one of the most wonderful and cherished dream to travel the beautiful mountains of Leh and Ladakh.

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    Aparna verma

    I have traveled a lot in India, it have something for everyone. If you are a piece and nature lover then South India is the best place for you, if you are visiting south India than don’t miss a house boat stay it will just rejuvenate your soul. If you are interested in Indian history then Rajasthan is the best place for you. The Rajasthani culture and history is so rich that you will feel amazing. Stay in a homestay with the local host there, they know the place better than anyone else can. If you are a party lover and loves to enjoy the night life then Mumbai and Goa is the best choice. So the conclusion is select the destination according to your preference and your interest.

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    Kalyan Panja

    Every state in India has something special and for a true traveler they ought to see everything. If you can segregate into individual states it would be easier to provide the information rather than India as a whole. The Northeast India is the least explored part of the country and has some of the untouched magical places to visit in India

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    Rajesh Patil

    In India, Visit Goa beaches with family or friends. Make a trip plan and enjoy lot of adventures activities. Every tourist’s go-to vacation destination in the country, Goa, is truly a traveler’s paradise. A perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, Goa has got everything – sea, sand, seafood, architecture, natural wonders, mystic and spirituality. In the recent few years, Goa has gained tremendous popularity as a travel destination for not one but various reasons. Tourists who once visited Goa for the pristine beaches and the rejuvenating vibes now visit Goa for more than that – they visit Goa to have a memorable, complete vacation experience.

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    travel guides

    Situated in Dang district recently, Saputara is a popular hill station of Gujarat. I had heard it is famous for its beautiful scenery of green forests, beautiful springs and sunrises, and sunsets. In fact, it is a very important place. I will never forget the experience I have received. Because it is full of attractive scenes. With the help of, I have learned about the travel of many places in India like – Kerala, Agra, Rajasthan, Goa, Delhi, Assam, Gujarat, Himachal, Meghalaya, Uttarakhand and many other places where you can not even imagine.

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    Hotel Monarch

    Jal Mahal Jaipur.
    Kashmir Boat Ride on Dal Lake.
    Goa Beaches.
    Kanyakumari Special.
    Kerala Houseboat.
    Mysore Palace.
    Ajanta Ellora.

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      Maureeno Waters

      Darjeeling is one of the best places to visit. The tiger hill, rock garden, ropeway, refugee camp, tea garden, troy train station, and so on.

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        Travellers world

        Indian destinations are awesome with their unique beauty and presence. Trips through India gives some kind of eternal peace even if its an adventure trip….

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    If you are planning for south India.
    do visit Bangalore, Pondicherry, Kerala. It’s the Best Place to explore.
    You can get varieties of rice dishes to eat.

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    Hello Abinaya

    In India there is many beautiful palces like Jallianwala Bagh. It is historical place.Recently,I visited it.

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