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schooner at sea
Windjamming In Maine

Try a family cruise vacation on a windjamming schooner off the coast of Maine for something different, fun and unplugged. These classic schooners are only sailing on private charters during the pandemic...

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Two-story brick houses at the Intersection of Van Buren and Lovering Streets in Wilmington, Delaware.
Why Joe Biden and Families Love Wilmington Delaware

“Our demonstration of black powder may not have much of a bang due to the rainy weather,” says our guide at Hagley, the du Pont estate in Wilmington Delaware. She presses a...

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What Jesus billboard in Colby, Kansas.
Driving Kansas I-70, The Essential Road Stops

Driving Kansas I-70 is worth more in memories than 500 miles of 18-wheelers and corn fields. There are small towns with huge scale artworks, 50s cinemas, arts festivals, military...

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Having breakfast on the deck of the Celestyal Crystal off the coast of Mykonos.
Heavenly Greek Islands Cruise with Celestyal

Greece is one of the world’s best multigenerational destinations, and a Greek islands cruise is one of the best ways to appreciate it. Activities at each port of call range from...

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Girl with fishing rod on a pier with Kids Fish Camp
Let’s Go Fishing With Kids Florida Style

Wondering how to go fishing with kids on your next Florida vacation? If you don't picture jon boats and fishing poles when you think about a family beach vacation, this blog is...

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Space X Falcon 9 lifts a Space Dragon to the ISS
Rocket Launches and Where to See Them

The Jumbotron was bellowing “T -6, 5, 4...” when suddenly the sky ahead burst into flames. We were on the shore of Banana Creek, about 4 miles from Cape Canaveral’s Launchpad...

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Aquarobics class on standup paddleboards off the coast of Palm Beach, Aruba.
Aruba Travel Requirements For The Best Vacation Ever

If you’re looking for warm weather, pristine beaches, cheap airfare, great food and convenience, review the current Aruba travel requirements and start planning an Aruba family...

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Festive group toasting with wine at a dinner table.
Ten Tips for Celebrating Family Milestones on Vacation

Celebrating milestones is one of the best reasons to plan a family trip, and an easy way to make indelible memories. You'll agree that having a loved one turn 90 is an occasion...

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Whale sharks swimming off Cancun.
A Swim with Whale Sharks Makes the Hit List

Well it wasn't on my Life's Greatest Hits list but with a birthday coming up and a son graduating from college I couldn't resist the opportunity to swim with whale sharks...

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