Bus Bazaar Lee: New York to Boston | My Family Travels

Every once in a while, some brilliant employee behind a desk at Megabus headquarters decides to bestow unbelievably low-priced tickets upon a lucky traveler such as myself. Taking advantage of the bus line’s free promotional tickets between East coast destinations and New York, I hopped on board to take a four-hour journey from the Big Apple to the beautiful city of Boston.

Now, as my friend and I work diligently on our computers – mine being a tiny and charming Acer I’ve affectionately named “Mini Lee” – we do so using barely uninterrupted wireless service provided by the bus line.

While this free WiFi is perfect for checking emails and the news to see which celebrity has kicked the bucket this time, it’s even more useful for researching Boston attractions I can now visit with the money I saved by taking Megabus. (Missed opportunity for a Geico joke, but there you have it.)

Then again, with all the room we have in our aisle and what with the cozy heat coming from a nearby vent, perhaps a nap might do… 

This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question, and stay up to date with current events to ensure a safe and successful trip.