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Some people may think that going to the Bahamas, Disney World, attending cruises, or many other extravagant places are the trips of a lifetime. Places where you don’t have to do anything except lay back, relax, and enjoy the view. On these vacations people expect to get pampered and get anything and everything handed to them whenever they want. On my trip of a lifetime, I did everything but sit and relax; I was the one doing the pampering. This trip was going to Basconcobe Mexico, the kind of town that has stray dogs running everywhere; trash is all along the sides of the dirt roads, and people who are trying their very best to get through day by day. For me this was not a vacation, it was a project, a mission to go to Basconcobe to spread the love of God by helping others who are in need.


            It was around a year before the big trip that a group of about twenty five youth, just like myself got together to plan the details and financial issues that were to need discussing. We had many fundraisers such as carwashes, concerts, and special dinners. We also did a lot of extra work so bring in the money. Finally getting to the big departing day, I was loosing sleep because of excitement. The last days consisted of packing and shopping, not to mention that the date we were leaving was December 26th, the day after Christmas. With all of my bags packed the night before, I sat on my bed, knowing that sleeping was not an option for me. We had to be at the airport at five o’clock a.m..


            The group piled into the plane that morning, all wearing ear-to-ear smiles on our faces. Finally boarding onto the plane we all crammed into the back. Two hours later the flight attendant came on saying “Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona it is a beautiful sunny with a high of 75*”. We ran out of the airport as fast as we could so that we could make it to the van rental place to rent our fifteen passenger vans for the rest of the twelve hour ride to Basconcobe


            After the long and exhausting car ride, we finally arrived at the Medina’s house in Basconcobe, just in time for dinner. Jose and Vitoria housed us in their house. Every day Victoria would make up a unique but delicious meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After dinner, the night we got there we went straight to our rooms, popped up our air mattresses and went to sleep for our big day the next morning.


            We woke up to the roosters roaming the streets making their wake up calls at about 6 o’clock.  Dragging myself out of bed I slipped on my holey jeans and an old t-shirt to work in and walked down to breakfast. I stuffed scrambled eggs and a corn tortilla in my mouth and hopped into the van to go to our worksite. We arrived to the church where we were going to work. Enrique our leader told us that we had to make a roof for the top of the church, which meant we had to mix concrete by hand and carry it to the top to the brick building using buckets and assembly lines.


            The concrete mixing part was definitely my favorite day. I knew that it was going to be a hard day, but the adrenalin rush from working so hard felt so good because knowing who I was doing this for I knew that there were going to be big smiles and grateful hearts at the end of the day. We worked for about four hours each day then we hopped in the van, went to lunch, then back to the church for a Vacation Bible School for the kids.


            The Vacation Bible School was a big fun time for the kids of that village. Everyone gathered into the church and sang a lot of songs and did fun crafts. My job was to help to the actions for all of the kid songs. I loved doing this because I saw big smiles on their faces as they were trying to keep up with my movements.


            In the end if I could go on any trip ever again, it would definitely be this one. I love helping others who are in need. You never know how lucky you are until you go somewhere where they have literally close to nothing. The ministry that we went with was called Ravah and I would go to Basconcobe with them over and over again any day!


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