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Many life lessons are learned from very serious events that change people’s lives forever.  Whether it is a fatal car accident from a drunken driver or a broken marriage from a steamy meaningless affair, everyone has one lesson they will never forget how they learned.  My lesson happens to be miniscule compared to the previously mentioned examples, but it is none the less something that has stuck with me. 

            My story begins in the middle of my great trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The beginning of the week was filled with the constant sun tanning, beach volleyball, lounging by the pool, floating in the ocean, and having dance parties at night.  I could live there if the choice were given to me.  The unending relaxation is exactly what I would prescribe to anyone.  Toward the middle of the week the weather got to be just a tad bit chilly. In the ocean realm, “a tad bit chilly” means very big waves and harsh undertow.  So needless to say the ocean was practically vacant the first day of this weather.  The caution flag tells guests whether the water is good to go in or not and it was changed to red which is one level below black; and when it is black the beach is blocked off. 

            Generally vacationers and locals stay away from the water when it is as rough as it was those couple of days, but my dad and brother are the risk takers and decided to work their way into the gigantic waves by day two of the weather.  They made it look so easy to time it and dive in with no issues.  I did not think too much about the fact that they are both around 6 feet 4 inches and 250 pounds, and I was only maybe 125 pounds.  The water was very deceiving, and made it very tricky for me to time it correctly.  I finally had my moment and ran into the blue beast, as I like to call it.  My heart was pounding, my legs were wobbling, and I could see a huge wave coming.  I was so close to the safe zone in the ocean but not close enough.  I was right in the area where the white cap part of the wave crashes into the wet sculpting sand.  I tried running out but did not make it far enough.  The wave came crashing down and tried to sweep me into its mouth.  Thank goodness a friend was behind me and miraculously held me up until the wave had receded.

            At this point I was filled from head to toe with sand and all twenty five people we had gone on vacation with plus others were on the beach watching me be rescued.  After reading this story most are probably thinking that the lesson I learned was to listen to the warning signs and not go in the ocean when it is rough.  Sadly that is not so.  The lesson I learned was not to wear a skimpy bikini top on an adventurous day like that because you might end up accidentally flashing the entire beach and resort where you are staying.  My sister had to fix my top because I did not even realize that it had come up.  This story has been told to many people, including guys that I have brought home to meet my family.  Although I lived, to possibly flash another day, it is in my best interest to not only heed warning signs but to not readily run into rocky waters.


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