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Honestly I did not want to go. Why would I want to leave my perfect hometown to a place that was probably going to be boring and dirty? I would be leaving a perfect week with my friends, Carne Asada fries, and my beloved bathroom! However, the dreaded day came and my mother, my cousin and I left Lindbergh field in San Diego. “This trip is going to be an odyssey, a journey my lifetime!” my mother exclaimed in excitement. My cousin and I just stared at each other and thought to ourselves, “Oh no, not another embarrassing saying from my mother.”

When we finally arrived to China after a prolonged sixteen hour flight, I was ready to just jump off the plane. Sitting down for sixteen hours can make a kid really want to get up and stretch. The airport there was enormous, largely different from Lindbergh field like a miniature mall. However, once I stepped outside the airport, I started burning up. “Mom is it me or is it really hot?” as my body was beginning to feel humid and sticky. She just laughed and said, “You have a lot to learn about China.” When my mother’s friend came to pick us up, I learned that it was 97 degrees outside! However, as we drove along in the pitch black night I began seeing Hong Kong for the first the time. The city was incredible, it was like if I was in a mini New York. There were bright lights and tall buildings surrounding us. The marvelous colors was a new experience for me, the variety of shops all around the city also added to the scene. When we finally reached our destination, which was a ferry station to bring us to Macau, I didn’t want to leave this astounding city. Little did I know that my adventure will just begin to unfold.

While on the ferry, I watched my beloved Hong Kong with its city lights fade away. On the ferry, I fell quietly asleep dreaming about the adventures of ahead of me. When I was woken by mother a few hours later, I was surprised that we were already here. My mother’s friend was waiting outside for us with a large grin on her face; I could tell she was excited. After a good night sleep, my family and I went sight seeing around the wonderful city of Macau. The first stop was Macau’s governor’s house, a distinctive pink building that was the size of a mansion! As we continued walking, we saw the wonderful beaches Macau had to offer. The city is really like New York, we traveled often by taxi because it was the fastest method of transportation. There were plenty of stores that would satisfy any traveler that loves to shop. One destination we encountered was the Macau tower, a sophisticated tower that allowed us to have a grand view of the city. The authentic and unique Chinese food that cannot be found in the states made my stomach full every time we ate. I felt like I was living the dream, a new life in a new city. When our week in China was finally over, I couldn’t believe it, I was not ready to go back to the states. Sadly, my mother had to pull me away from the airport and we boarded the plane. Right before the plane took off; I opened the window and looked back. I smiled and thought to myself, “I guess this was not such a bad week after all.”



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