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Michael Condori

March 16,2009

A significant event that happened to me was the trip I took to Peru last summer. I went to Peru with my family and we had a somewhat good time. We went to visit my cousin and many different places in Peru. Before I went to Peru, I was wondering whether things have changed since I last went there 7 years ago. The Thing that changed the way I see everything was were the H1N1 in Peru, the way people lived, and the dirty streets.

When I arrived at the airport in Peru the first thing I noticed was that many people were wearing face mask. It scared me because I thought that meant that the H1N1 has reached Peru, and I was right because I was hearing the news in Peru that many people were dying from the H1N1. It worried me because I had seen a lot of people coughing. I was also nervous because I didn’t want to get sick during my vacation. I felt bad because Peru doesn’t have the best medical equipment to help people with the virus. That made me unhappy because people with the virus have very little that could help them.

The second thing that changed the way I see things was the poverty that was happening in Peru; everywhere I went there were homeless people. I’ve seen people that were living in such small rooms that looked like a jail sell. I wondered what my life could have been if my parents haven’t left Peru to go to the United State. Me seeing these small rooms changed me because now I want to do well in school because I don’t want to live poor and have to worry about money. I now feel like I have an obligation to do well and get a good a job because my parents came here so that I would have a career and a better life.

The last thing I saw that changed me was the streets and how dirty they were. This was the biggest problem I had in Peru because I am a clean person. I can’t have a dirty room and I always carry hand sanitizer. There were clothes and garbage all over many streets in Peru and there were a lot of dogs just wandering around. This made me realize that it was good to have laws that were used to force us to keep our streets clean like paying a fine for littering, or else it would have been very unclean like certain streets in Peru.

I have changed the way I am because of the experience I had in Peru. I am so thankful that I live in the united states. I am very glad that my parents came to this country. After Peru I have started to care more about my health. I have started to become more responsible because I am eighteen and in a couple of years I am going to move out and I wont have my parents there to pay for my food, rent or tell me to wake up and to not be late for school or work. I’ve started to help out my parents a lot and I am glad because they’ve done a lot for me.

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