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As a young girl, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel.  I, personally, traveled to many stunning countries like Greece, France, and London, but the country that truly captured my heart and spirit was Egypt.  This traveling experience truly taught me about the civilizations of the ancient Egyptians.  Egypt can’t really be described solely in adjectives because it’s an extraordinary country with its rich and vibrant historic civilization that today influences our science, architecture, technology and religions.  Traveling in the Nile River, across the Valley of the Kings, passing the pyramids one of the wanders of the world, and meeting the Nubian people was an unforgettable experience.  This is how my adventure began…

Quarter Finalist 2011 Teen Travel Writing Scholarship

I took a one hour airplane ride from Cairo to Luxor.  Even though, the scorching sun didn’t leave me but once I reached the Valley of the Kings, I knew all this walking was defiantly worth it.  Standing on top of the hill where royalties like Tutankhamen and Ramses II were buried was an unbelievable experience.  I cried because I thought I was dreaming I couldn’t believe that the architecture of the tombs could be so beautiful when it’s just a burial site.  It’s really interesting that the ancient Egyptians created the idea of an afterlife which is in all aspects of human beliefs.  Inside the tombs of both pharaohs, the hieroglyphics are still clearly visible even though those tombs were built thousands of years ago they are still clearly visible.

The next day we visited a Nubian Village.  They lived along the Nile River.  The Nubian people are very simple people they have no technology; they rely on natural resources near their villages.  Even though they lead simple lives but they are the happiest people.  When I learned about their way of life and sat in their mud houses, I was astonished that they are completely satisfied with their life.  They have a connection with the modern world but they choose to ignore it.  From this day forward, I began appreciating the life that I have because the Nubian people didn’t have a solid roof and they didn’t have proper education, but in the end they have something that world doesn’t have it’s simply peace, joy, and satisfaction.  

Finally, the last day before I traveled back to the United States I went to Cairo.  There I saw one of the ancient seven wanders of the world the pyramids.  How should I describe?  I don’t even know, but I felt so pleased full of wander.  I was amazed the ancient Egyptians built a spectacular monument so they can simply reach the Gods so they could themselves become one with the god.  The way that they built the pyramid was solely based on the laws of physics.

  Egypt is more than just a historical country it’s more than just an influence on our religions, science, technology, etc.  Ancient Egypt created a society that lasted for 7000 years, and they created a world that is similar to ours today.  They defined beauty, they defined life, and just like everything in the world that lives they died but they didn’t die in vain because the ancient Egyptians are living through us through our skyscrapers, through our physics book, through our surgeries, and through our beliefs.  Traveling to Egypt was an amazing experience it changed me personally.  It changed my views about life.  It made me more attached to my beliefs, it made me appreciate science, architecture, and it opened my eyes to simple people, but most importantly Egypt humbled my soul and captured my spirit.

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    I hope that the judges that will be reading this essay will really reconsider to travel to Egypt sometimes in their life.


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