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As a special treat my Mom surprised me with a trip to Maui this last March. She told me that it would be just a girls  trip, so i was immediately ecstatic! Here are some general things you should know about Hawaii: Everything is beautiful there, the weather is awesome, there is plenty of cute boys, the food is amazing, and you're guaranteed to have a great time. The flight may take forever but it is totally worth it!

Our first day there all we wanted to do was go the beach and soak up the sun. Sunshine was an essential in our trip because as you may or not know I live in Western Washington where the sun doesn't shine. Ever, even in the summer. My Mom pulled out our Maui book and we looked at beaches we thought looked good. We decided on Big Beach. Once we arrived we picked a spot to set up camp. We bring everything we need for the day when we go to the beach that way we can maximize our time there. We looked around and noticed that just to the left of us there were these huge orange poles with flags and the waves were huge! Those two things right there are bad news bears for tourists. But like most other people we were on vacation and we didn't think much of it.  After we got hot we went into the ocean and bobbed up and down in the waves. Every time we went into the water everything was fine except one time. My Mom and i were going in for the last time before we left that's when the trouble started. We were walking out of the ocean and we turned our back to it, which is something you never do. Before we knew it a huge wave came and took both me and my Mom under. I got up quickly but my Mom got taken again. All the locals that were sitting next to us were on their feet yelling "Get up! Get up". I ran back and grabbed my Mom and we ran to the safety of our towels. We checked each other and made sure everything was okay. Totally injuries were scratches and bruises. My mom with a bloody nose and me with a black eye. We looked like we had just got out of a fight club! And we laughed at each other.

We later learned that the local name for Big Beach is 'Break Neck Beach'. We now know why. Needless to say we didn't go back to that beach. But we did visit lots of other lovely beaches, which were much more mellow. When my Mom and I concluded out trip we made our way to the airport. Once we got on our plane we noticed that people were in our seats and a flight attendant took us to the back of the plane. Automatically my Mom and I are like "Oh yeeaahhh! Whooo hoooo! We're gonna get to stay another day!" Siiiiiiiiikkkeeeeeee!!! The flight attendant just moved us to seats in the back. We didn't get to stay another day but we did learn some important lessons. One never under and circumstances turn your back to the ocean. Two if you go to a beach and see orange poles and flags, do yourself a favor and stay away. Aloha!

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