My Sunkissed Summer of Fun - My Family Travels

Knowing that my family and I were leaving for beautiful sunny California in less than day made me so stoked. Finally, I get to leave lame bipolar Oregon. Nevertheless, my body was pretty burnt out from running around this Five bedroom house looking for my necessity. It contained about half my closet, my straightner, flip flops, uggs, and of course my penguin pillow pet. Poor stuff, all jammed into my two pink polka dot suitcases. That night, my mind kept me up in the clouds dreaming about how I was going to meet a hot guy at the beach and then we were suppose to fall in love and live happily ever after. Dream over, I wake up at 6 in the morning and we packed all stuff into the car and happily drove to my grandmas to pick up our rental vehicle. To my suprise, it was a white creeper van with dark tinted windows and a sliding door. "I wanted you to be comfortable in a car with lots of room the whole trip", was my mom's answer when I asked what she was thinking when she got mom.  I'm going to be seen in this creeper van. Finally we loaded all the stuff into the creeper van and we were headed off to paradise.

  About three hours into the trip, I was so hungry I could eat a horse. Good thing, we also brought along a box full of food. Which included, apple chips, delicious sandwiches from Best Baquette, Pepsi, Smart Popcorn, Gummi Worms, and  just about every possible junk food a teenager could want. With a full tummy I fell asleep next to my little sister in the back seat. The backseat was so comfortable, I definitely turned it into my personal bed filled with fluffy blankets and pillows. Waking up from my nap, I see cows and I knew we were still in the middle of no where. My Ipod was definitely my best friend during this trip. The whole car ride consisted of eating, naping, look out through the car window, taking pictures, texting and listening to my family talk.
 Before long, we arrived at Cortona Inn & Suites Anaheim Resort right by Disneyland. Disneyland brought back all the memories I had from our trip when I was 6. I was so excited to be back. So the next day, bright and early we headed over to see Mickey Mouse. The lines were so crowded, it took about thirty minutes each to even get on the ride. To me that was texting time. Splash mountain was the scariest ride, that was my schema from what I remembered back in my kindergarten days. Getting into the log, hearing all those animals sing, and seeing that steep drop made my palms all sweaty . Here comes the drop, it wasn't as frightening as I had thought. Everything was different to me now. I was lowkey kind of sad that it wasn't anymore, I knew that I was growing up way to fast and I just wanted to go back to those carefree days of being a kid.
 Afterwards, we went to explore the luminous beaches of Southern California. Laying on my pink beach towel over the warm squishy sand made me feel so at home. The seagulls calling out to each other, the waves hitting against the rocks, and sun tanning my body was so pleasurable. Just laying there wishing I could just live in Southern California. At heart I was doubtlessly a California girl stuck in Oregon.

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