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At the age of 15 I have traveled and first hand experienced what life was like in Italy, France, and Spain.  It was a once in a life time experience and I am glad I took it. I traveled with People to People Ambassadors program. People to People has allowed me to make great memories and lifetime friends. Come along as I reminisce on my journey.

                Italy was the first place that I had visited. Rome to be exact. Rome just might be my favorite place in the world. It is beautiful. Everyone is very “high class” there. Down town Rome is beautiful with all of its designer’s stores and of course the Trevi Fountain. I have stood at the Trevi Fountain with three of my friends making a wish that I would have a wonderful summer, that wish came true. The Colloseum, it’s huge in other words and is full of character. As you walk in you can imagine all the people sitting in the stands watching the fights. Yes in may be tore down but if you have an imagination like mine, you were standing there with Italians 2000 years ago. The pizza in Italy is out of this world. You have never tasted real pizza until you have been to Italy, literally. I definitely cannot forget the gelato. I probably miss the gelato the most, I ate gelato every day that I was there. I went to La Spitzia, which is the beach. Their beaches are beautiful but much different. There is no sand, there were pebbles. The water was very blue and shiny just absolutely gorgeous. If I told you absolutely everything I did this essay would go on for days. Some other places I did get to see were the Vatican, Assisi, Italy, Baci Choloate Factory, San Lorenzo Di Pescia, the City of Pisa and much more.

                France is our next stop, Cannes/Monoco. When you stay at one of the luxurious hotels in France you get a private beach, that’s a fun fact we had learned. France is so much different than I thought it would be. In France there’s palm trees, the beaches are full of sand and the water is so blue you can almost see your reflection. In France I got to visit the Rhone American Cemetery, The city of Nice, and we also went to a perfume factory and saw first-hand how they make perfume. France is very beautiful. France is pretty much all “city” sort of like New York in a way.

                Last is Spain, Spain is my second favorite place in the world. I absolutely love it there. In Spain I got to do a home stay. I stayed with a girl who was my age. She didn’t speak much English but luckily I knew Spanish. I got to meet all her friends and do the things she does on a daily basis. Spain’s teenage life is so much different than ours. In Spain it’s normal for teenagers to stay out till two in the morning just hanging out with their friends. It was so much fun living life as a teenager in Spain. In Spain I got to go to Barcelona which is fantastic, it’s the most important city in Spain. I got to visit De Segrada Familia which is a house/church dedicated to the family of Jesus Christ. It’s not yet finished but it is beautiful. This essay must be under 600 words so this is where I have to end I hope you enjoyed coming along on my journey with me.


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