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Franklin, Massachusettsis a residential town, and is not very well known to the common traveler. Many people travel around the world to see extraordinary landscapes, or to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences only available in vastly expensive trips to foreign countries. However, experiencing smaller communities is just as interesting and fulfilling an experience. Coming to Franklin will not allow you to experience giant waterfalls, or famous, monumental statues. It will, however, provide you with an experience of the calm, homey, comfortable culture we live in.


My hometown is most famous for having the first public library in America. Externally, it looks old, and is made of stone, and is actually quite beautiful, due to its largeness compared to the residential homes surrounding it. The interior, however, is the most beautiful part of the library. Inside are huge reading rooms, with old paintings on the walls, and endless amounts of books. The library is always quiet and serene, not because rules of silence are strongly enforced, but because each person in town wants to keep the calm ambience of the library- it is a place to escape and lose yourself in a book and the beauty of the vintage interior design. There is also some interesting historical significance to the library; inside, on the second floor, you can find a bookcase of the first books the library ever owned- those donated by Benjamin Franklin, who started the library with his donation. Visiting the library will give travelers a true experience of the peaceful, quiet culture of Franklin, Massachusetts.

Another way to experience the loving, almost antiquarian culture of Franklin is to eat lunch at one of the smaller, privately owned restaurants in town, such as Rick’s Restaurant. It is a small building with not more than twenty or so booths, and a small stool bar to enjoy ice cream at. In the restaurant, one can enjoy milkshakes, cheeseburgers, french fries, waffles, eggs- basically anything one would normally find at a diner. The food is fresh, and very often cooked by the Rick himself, the owner of the store. Eating at this restaurant is a very personal experience, with residents waiting on you and the owner walking table to table socializing with the customers and asking if there is anything more he can do for you. The feeling of this restaurant, along with many other small restaurants in town, is very similar to that which you get when eating a family dinner- the food is cooked to order, the staff is engaging and polite, and there is a huge feeling of respect and love in the restaurant. Here, one can experience the type of relationships people have in Franklin- mutual cheerfulness and excitement with life.

Finally, in your visit, make sure to stop by the Franklin Town Common, directly in front of St. Mary’s Catholic Church (which also happens to be very grand, old, and beautiful, on the inside and out). Local bands, such as jazz bands from the local public high school, perform concerts in this field very often, and town fairs and carnivals occur here. When there is no particular event happening, this grassy area is quiet, and residents can be seen lounging on the benches or in the grass under the shade of trees, listening to music, reading, or communicating with friends. Here, experience more of the serene and natural happy aura of Franklin.

Come experience a quiet experience in a historical important library, a homemade meal in an extremely welcoming restaurant, and enjoy the quiet natural beauty of our land in Franklin, Massachusetts.

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