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Laughing. Smiling. Crying. Throwing family members off the dock. Swimming into the late hours of the night. Dazzling Fourth of July fireworks.  Hundreds of picturesque memories surround my lake house in the quaint town of Fitzwilliam New Hampshire. It is easy to remember the glistening lake, the roar of a boat’s engine, and the morning sun rising in the sky even after months away. The smell of smores, fresh of the grilling stick, are implanted in my memory, alongside the jokes asking how many you were planning on eating.  


Our house on Laurel Lake is by no means a summer resort. Despite that, it is cozy and has a warm lived in feel that is hard to recreate. If you are looking for a luxurious home on the lake, a newer property has important modern amenities. A rare find is the small “beach” on the lake, with sand and rocks that can mentally transport you to a real beach if you let your imagination take you there.

The town of Fitzwilliam itself is beautiful in its old age. Small antique stores, ice cream shops, used book stores, and the town church are key features and are easily accessible. While it may not be a bustling metropolis, the adjective “boring” will never be in your description of this township. Movie theaters and shopping malls are found with a short drive to the city of Keene, NH.

Once in a while, I find we are subjected to wanderlust and in that case, there are other attractions to visit that are moderately affordable. A trip to Dartmouth College can be stimulating and exciting, primarily if you have a child who is close to the formidable college application process. Ben and Jerry’s factory is also very popular. I mean, “Who doesn’t enjoy an ice cream?” As I always say, Ben and Jerry happen to be my favorite men. Beyond just these attractions, I hope a traveler considers that New England scenery can be enchanting in its simplicity, and that New Hampshire is no exception. I vividly remember a road we take to reach our lake house that has boughs hanging over, creating a mystical canopy that feels like a road to a different world.  I feel as though I am in a world where the stress and disappointment of everyday life fades away into serenity and peace. A feeling of hope ignites my soul, and I emerge from every vacation on the lake a relaxed and renewed person, emotionally and physically.

One word I associate my cottage on Laurel Lake with is family. Sitting on the dock basking in the glorious sun, every once in a while, I look to my left and right to see what is going on with the neighboring houses. Sounds of laughter fill my ears, and I never fail to see families simply enjoying one another’s company by playing water games or telling jokes. A house on this lake is not only a house; it is a unifier. It is a place where my family who live in different towns and states come together, and relax by talking through the stresses of our lives. That is why if I am sitting by the camp fire, or even eating cookies inside; I feel at home. Standing on the dock, I can take a breath and remember generations of family members living in contentment there. Without it, I would have no real connection to my grandparents and other family before me. My lake house is a place of the past, present and future, and when I am there, I never feel alone. 

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