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Columbus, Ohio Summertime See And Do

Columbus shines with family activities throughout the summer. Here are some favorite family festivals and special events. June and July Events Early...

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Discover Columbus

It's where big city life collides with small town hospitality and prices, in the heart of the Midwest.Find a variety of fun spots for kids and great dining experiences along the flower-lined...

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Paris Passion en Famille

Join avid museum-goers and make the rounds of Paris' greatest collections... Let's say you, like me, have been there before and fallen in love. Madly in love with Paris' beauty, sophistication,...

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Mission San Antonio, Should You Choose To Accept It

If learning American history sounds like Mission Impossible in your house, consider this tour of one of the lone star state's most family-friendly cities. If learning American history sounds like Mission...

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Touring Israel

What to do and what to see as you drive through a small Middle Eastern country with a rich history and culture that spans over millennia.It may be a small nation (covering only 8,367 square-miles...

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Custom Itinerary – Visiting Washington, DC: A Capital Idea

Q - Diane P of Hebron, Connecticut writes: We are planning a trip to Washington, DC with another family. All together there will be 4 adults and 6 children. We will be driving there, and are looking...

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Historic Budapest, Star Of A Hungary Vacation

Known as “Little Paris” or “Paris on the Danube,” Budapest is a fascinating city, rich in history, and cultural wonders.Budapest is more than just a stunning cosmopolitan...

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Budapest, Hungary Hotels And Restaurants

Often referred to as the "Paris of Central Europe," this glamorous city is full of cultural sights and fun activities for families. Here are some ideas for where to rest after a busy day.Budapest...

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Our Family’s Trip to New York, Rhode Island, Boston and DC

Just thought I'd send some feedback on the trip we made up and down the east board this August. We brought along our 16 year old son and daughters aged 13 and 4. We wanted to fly to the US non-stop...

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