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Author: Erin Winters

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Mishaps at the British Museum: How to Avoid Hating the Sight of One More Greek Urn

The British Museum of London is world-renowned for its beautiful collection of artifacts, gleaned from the old British Empire’s many territories and conquests. The building itself is imposing as well: high ceilings, gleaming white stone, the famous Rotunda.

But, as my family and I were soon to find out, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Author: Dianna

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European Grande Tour - Summer 2011

There are some experiences in life that leave no more impression than a paddle on the water; they happen, they end, and never again cross our mind. However, occasionally in life we have an experience that changes us forever - changes our outlook and who we are as person. These events stay with us forever, etched into our core being and become a part of who we are. I am lucky enough to have experienced the latter during my summer trip to Europe.

Author: Jennifer Chiappone

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My First Trip Abroad

It was the summer after my freshman year of high school when we decided to take a trip to England. I was so excited and I had wanted to go there for a few years. We dropped the dog off at my aunt's house and made our way to the airport. My parents went all out and got first class seats; this reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets the amazing first class seat while Elaine is squished in the coach section. The flight was overnight so the jet lag wouldn't be too bad but it still affected us.

Author: Casey Kahler

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Beef Eaters Guards, and Bobbies - Oh My!

Author: TXAG79

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Mind The Gap

Author: Kate Braun

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Around London in 1.5 Days