Author: Erin Winters

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Mishaps at the British Museum: How to Avoid Hating the Sight of One More Greek Urn

The British Museum of London is world-renowned for its beautiful collection of artifacts, gleaned from the old British Empire’s many territories and conquests. The building itself is imposing as well: high ceilings, gleaming white stone, the famous Rotunda.

But, as my family and I were soon to find out, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Author: Dianna

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European Grande Tour - Summer 2011

There are some experiences in life that leave no more impression than a paddle on the water; they happen, they end, and never again cross our mind. However, occasionally in life we have an experience that changes us forever - changes our outlook and who we are as person. These events stay with us forever, etched into our core being and become a part of who we are. I am lucky enough to have experienced the latter during my summer trip to Europe.