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Author: Sophie Albanis

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I Saw London, I Saw France!

Author: SilenceDogood

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A Yellow Brick Road

            Gold was everywhere: the buildings, the parks, the people. Everything possessed an aura that was unquestionably golden. That was what I noticed the moment I stepped from the dim yellow lights of the airplane into the night-time brilliance that was London. Even in the harsh fluorescence that pervades every city in the evenings, London had its golden glow.

Author: Stephanie

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Paris, the Queen, and my Sweet 16

Author: Jordan Ann Price

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A Culture Shock to Remember

It was finally the summer of 2011, the summer that I knew would be remembered, the summer that most kids would envy, and the summer that would change my life.  I remembered waking up that June morning and thinking, “Today is the day that I have been waiting nearly an entire year for, and it’s finally happening. I’m finally taking my first trip across seas to Europe.” Of course, I couldn’t hold back the tears when I had to tell my mother and father good-bye for a few days.

Author: John Smith

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From Britain to Greece: Eurotrip 2010

Getting the chance to travel the world is a pretty rare one, so two years ago, when my sister and I got the opportunity to travel across the entire continent of Europe, we readily took it.  Although my parents were unable to join us for the trip, as it was a school sponsored one, our older brother had gone on a similar trip in a previous year, so our parents were perfectly willing to allow us to travel with a school group.

Author: Ryan Campbell

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My Trip Across The Atlantic

As a resident of South Florida I am engrossed in a plethora of different cultures and people from every corner of this world every day. These surroundings evolved my interest in the world outside of South Florida. I took every opportunity to study such countries as Costa Rica, France, Cambodia, etc. My first opportunity to travel was when I was 14 years old and my mother and I took the 9hr flight to Great Britain.

Author: Grace

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Spring Break in Europe


Author: TXAG79

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Mind The Gap

Author: SJ

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Leave It to the Over-packer

Riding the subway is often a stressful experience, especially in a foreign country. The crowded platforms, rushing people, confusing signs, fast stops and sardine packed trains make for a nerve-wracking experience. But there is nothing worse than trying to navigate the London Tube with a 50lb suitcase. Trust me, I have done it. Two years ago my family visited London after three weeks in the United Kingdom. Here we were trying to enjoy London, but instead we were lugging our suitcases through the underground.