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Author: Emmary Grace Sharer

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Seventeen Days; Millions of Memories

June 13th, 2011

Finally! The group is off and ready to embark on our long-anticipated Explorica tour around Europe! My three best friends and the rest of our thirty-person group can’t wait to hit the cultural hotspots of London, France, Switzerland, and Italy. With our cameras charged, we’re armed to fly on Continental Airlines for six hours from Newark, New Jersey to London!

June 16th

Author: Austin Marlowe

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A Birthday in London

Moving to Europe has many advantages, one of them being ease of ravel.  For my 16th birthday I got to choose a trip of a life time, so I headed to the home of royalty, London.

Author: Austin Todd Hilverding

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An Amazing Adventure

            It all started with an envelope.  An envelope encompassing an opportunity from a group called People to People.  Sixteen days in England and France!  How great does that sound?  At first, I was nervous about traveling 4,000 miles away from home, but after deliberation I decided that this once in a lifetime experience was too good to pass up.  Therefore, I would soon become a People to People Student Ambassador.

Author: Elena Durnbaugh

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Terrible Tourists, Magnificent Memories

There are two major reasons people travel: to see places or to see people.  In the few travel experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve seen stand out most vividly in my memory.  This is especially true of the trip my Mom and I took to England in February of 2010.

Author: Allie Marotta

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Cheers, Mate!

Author: Talia

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Beautiful in Barbados

When my family traveled to Barbados, it was the first time I left America. My mom and I planned the trip with help from our local Liberty Travel, and the travel agent helped us get a really great deal. My family stayed at the Amaryllis Beach Resort. The one-bedroom suite was absolutely gorgeous, with a sleeper couch, kitchenette, and amazing view. We ate breakfast sitting on lounge chairs on the terrace, which overlooked a pool and the beach. We were often joined by little birds who watched us curiously.


Author: Aaron Barden

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London: A Land of Art, Culture, and Real Football


Author: Hayden

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Letters From London - Mission Base Camp

7/17 - (11A)Up until this point, traveling to England has been an adventure that I’ve played over and over again in my mind. Now, reality has begun to set in….no cell phone, limited luggage due to airline fees, and not knowing a soul that I’m about to travel alongside. To be honest, the only thing on my mind right now is surviving base camp. The details of camp are a mystery, but the idea is spiritual preparation, cross-cultural training, and team-building.

Author: Ashley Martinez

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London: My American Dream

People always talk about how the United States really is the American Dream because venturing to America provides opportunity and hope. But I experienced this realization somewhere else; London.

Author: Ami Retsnom

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My First Excursion: England