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Safari West And Save Yourself A Flight To Africa

Those unexpectedly upside down moments in life, like seeing the Golden Arches among the pagodas of Beijing, can be fun and very reassuring, especially when traveling with kids. But when it's the reverse...

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Botswana one of our favourite African destinations to visit

Botswana, a former British colony, gained its independence in 1966 and has since grown to be one of the most stable African countries both politically and economically. So why should Botswana be on...

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8 Essentials Tips For Planning a Family Safari in Africa

When planning a safari -- one of those bucket list trips we can all agree on -- you need advice on when and where to go, where to stay, what's best for kids, health and safety, and some suggested tour...

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Dream Trips: Catching the Migration in Kenya and Tanzania

Two-by-two, the wildebeest come in a seemingly endless line of gray that cuts through the Masai Mara’s golden plains. The wildebeest and their migrating companions, the zebra, move...

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Hold off on that new car — plan a trip, instead

Why investing in experiences will make you happier than buying more stuff I’ve had some great experiences in my life, and I cherish the memories, but I also feel quite...

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Taking Your Children on Safari

A safari is one of the most memorable holiday experiences you can have. You get to see exciting wild animals in their natural environments, and you can do this in relative comfort thanks to the many guided...

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