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Busch Gardens Virginia coaster
The 10 Best Themeparks For Family Vacations

At almost any time of year, family planners can count on a theme park to shift the annual vacation into high gear. Whether you’re planning a long vacation or just a day trip,...

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Women's and children's cowboy boots
Cheyenne Wyoming Welcomes Families

Cheyenne, Wyoming describes itself as the place to "come live the legend" and during the annual Cheyenne...

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A perfect Cancun sunset.
Top Ten Cancun Resorts For Families

Cancun, Mexico means white sand beaches, tropical vistas, luxury resorts, and some of Mexico’s most historic sights, making it one of the hottest spots for a family vacation by the sea....

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Roswell crash site model is on show at the International UFO Museum in Roswell.
In Roswell, Aliens Among Us

When a loud noise forced foreman William Mack Brazel to hop in  his pickup truck and inspect Foster Ranch, he found such strange debris in a corn field that he assumed it was the wreckage of a UFO...

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Cincinnati Observatory
Drive Me To The Moon In Ohio

If anyone in the family has caught the space bug, make Ohio your road trip destination and explore America’s space heritage in style. Did you know that Ohio, homeland of the Wright Brothers and...

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Selfie station for moon walkers at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.
50 Cosmic Ways To Celebrate Space

July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing when Commander Neil Armstrong took his “first step for man, giant leap for mankind.” It was a huge achievement for 1969 – meeting...

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headboards at Sirata Beach Resort.
Relaxing in 361 Days of Sunshine at Sirata Beach Resort

"You picked a fantastic weekend to come down, though there's really no bad time around here," our driver told us on the way from the Tampa Airport to St. Petersburg's family-friendly Sirata Beach Resort. "We...

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Florence And Tuscany With Teens In Tow

This family took their teens to Italy, first to Florence then Siena and around Tuscany, for spring break and learned that museums can be as delicious as the gelato. Italy. Just mention that you are...

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Road Trip USA: The Blue Ridge Parkway From Virginia To Tennessee

The beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway will inspire your backseat passengers to sing "Country Roads, Take Me Home" as you cruise between the Shenandoah and the Smoky Mountain National...

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