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Protect yourself and your kids with sun protection clothes, hats, sunglasses, and other products that are effectively UV resistant and stylish. Increased awareness of the power of ultra violet rays to damage skin, cause skin cancers and enhance aging make self protection a growing concern.

Mother and son at water's edge in Capetown, wearing sun protection clothes and hats.
The ozone layer is badly damaged in Capetown, South Africa and other Southern Hemisphere countries so sun protection is essential every day. Photo by pixstar for Piaxabay.

Sun protection items are big money-earners. Consider the more than US$188 billion in annual sales of sunblock and sunscreens according to a 2023 Statista report. Today, broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher is widely available. Families are delighted to find it dispensed free at many resort pools and healthclubs.

Four Sun Protection Tips from the Experts

A graphical chart of sun protection tips from the American Academy of Dermatology Association. c.
Use this chart of sun protection tips from the American Academy of Dermatology Association as a guide. c.

Sun care products were big business before climate change became a household term and now they’re sky-high, so to speak. We’re not only talking about sunblock, though it’s critical.

You must take these four extra precautions says the American Academy of Dermatology Association:

  • Cover up skin with lightweight clothing
  • Wear sunglasses with UV protection
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat
  • Use sunblock if shoes don’t fully cover feet

Sun Protection Beyond Sun Block: Eyewear for all Ages

Beach towel with SPF 15 sunblock tube and sunglasses surrounded by sand.
Use at least SPF 15 sunblock and sunglasses when you go for a winter walk along the beach. Photo by kaboompix for pixabay.

The sun protection market has grown to comprise expensive anti-sun socks, solar-weave parasols, chlorine-proof onesies and four-way flap hats for infants. The U.S. is the world’s largest market for eyewear protection. Did you know that more than US$5 billion was spent last year for sunglasses alone?

One of the most innovative fields in sun protection is eyewear designed for all ages. A company like Goodr specialises in sun protective lenses for athletes. With lightweight and non-shatterproof silicon lenses, these sunglasses are stylish and inexpensive. Plus, they’re comfortable for anyone to wear.

Sun Cover-Up Clothing for all Ages

Wrote FTF member J. W. of Kansas City, Missouri, “We just recently moved from Asia, where we used Australian SPF swimsuits. Here in the states, I found a great thing called a “SunShirt” that is certified UPF 50+, but is lightweight and comfortable for children. They’re sold at REI.”

In addition, REI and other companies offer consumers an extensive collection of Icebreaker and Mountain Hardware brand sunproof performance gear. New fabrics used for hiking, biking, golf, tennis, climbing and other recreational clothes make them moisture-wicking and quick-drying too, perfect for travel.

Shop for hats, hoodies, button up shirts, T-shirts and base layers. Even fussy teens find fashionable sun dresses and dress shirts sized for adults and children.

Is Sunproof UV Blocking Outerwear Necessary?

Boy wearing a surfer's rasher to guard against the sun at the beach.
You’re never too young for rashers to guard against the sun. Photo c. JatoCreate for pixabay.

Is this type of clothing really necessary? A University of Arizona professor who helped set voluntary standards for the sun-protection clothing industry says “No.” He claims that any heavy cotton garment that’s been washed to tighten the weave is as effective at blocking the sun’s rays as chemicals or synthetic fibers. Plus, dark colored clothing repels more harmful sun rays than light colors. Long sleeve shirts are better protection, of course, than no sleeves.

Specialty gear is unnecessary.

Try telling that to surfers, who invented rashers. They wear half-sleeve, half-leg colorful polyester suits so they can avoid skin rashes and sunburn. Check out how many sunbathers and their fashion un-conscious little kids wear them at the shore today. Young surfers started an industry that keeps growing.

New fabrics, less scratchy and sweaty, and new colors influence shoppers. The depleting ozone layer and rising incidence of skin cancer Impact everyone who loves outdoors recreation.

More Sources for UV Resistant Clothing

Two lifeguards at the beach in red hoodies and sunglasses are protected from the sun.
Even lifeguards stay covered up from the sun. Photo c. Jade2606 for pixabay.

Sun protection should become a lifelong habit. Purchase the highest-rated sun protective gear you find among the SPF 50+ fashions widely avaiable through L.L.Bean and other outdoors clothing shops. Brands like Patagonia, Columbia, and North Face sell their own SPF and UPF products.

Search for infant and children’s UV resistant bathing suits, outer clothes, cute eyeglasses and hats. Pediatricians agree that any item that increases awareness of the sun’s damaging effects is well worth the investment.

Shop online if you don’t have any outdoors stores near you. The company Sun Precautions, was one of the first with its pioneering Solumbra clothing lines. Originally for adults only, they now make outerwear, swimwear and sun protection hats (up to UPF100) for all ages. Those with special sensitivity should buy gloves, face masks and even stylish parasols online.

Specialty companies like Coolibar have been innovating active UPF (ultraviolet portection factor) fabrics for sun-protective clothing and accessories for the past 20 years. They provide a wide range of stylish garments, hats, outerwear and more in different colors and sizes.

Fnd performance gear for everyone in the family, so you can recreate safely, fashionably and comfortably.

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