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Leave it to a physical trainer and new mom to develop a sure-fire method to take off those unwanted post-natal inches by exercising together with baby and stroller and new found friends.

After my first baby I was fitness-challenged, very emotional, and I didn’t even recognize my own body. So in 1990, with stroller in hand, I created a fitness program called Strollercize, so moms didn’t have to choose between spending time with their babies and working out. I realize traveling Moms are even busier than most of our members, who bring babies to the gym or meet me in the park for their morning workouts. So I’ve adapted some of the exercises featured in my video, “Strollercize Your Waist Away” to keep you fit on baby’s first vacation.

Warmup and Stretch

Packing baby’s gear, getting out of the house, and loading up the car are a great warm up. Then after a long day of traveling, you can stretch out in your hotel room. On the floor, place baby on a blanket and grab a towel for yourself. Lie down, put your hands on your waist, fingers outstretched, and find your waistline. After you’ve had a baby, you’re going to feel like you can’t even find your abdominals, but try to imagine someday fitting into your favorite pre-baby jeans…

While on your back, chin up, shoulders relaxed and arms outstretched, bring knees up to the chest and let them fall to the right, then to the left. As your body relaxes, try to keep knees close together, toes pointed in elegance. You haven’t twisted or bent very much after the baby, so doesn’t it feel good to stretch that waistline?

Changing the Baby

Diaper changing is a constant activity for moms and babies on the go. Now it’s your turn to lie down and ‘be changed.’ Keep your feet together, legs extended straight out. Finding your waistline, intertwine your fingers and gently raise arms above your shoulders. Pull your knees up to your chin, then using your abs, swing that butt up into the air just like baby’s, and gently lower it. Repeat.

Calling the Waiter

Eating out is something you’ll be doing a lot of in your travels. You can try these exercises while feasting in a tiny French bistro or while taking a break from sightseeing on the nearest park bench.

Sit up straight with Baby in a stroller next to you. Find your waist to align posture, then begin your warm up with ‘Napkin and Fork.’ Sitting up, looking straight ahead at your dinner mate, stretch your fingers down your torso all the way to the floor to retrieve the napkin or fork that the baby threw down. Repeat on the other side.

Then try ‘Calling the Waiter.’ Sitting with your body forward, at the table or on a park bench, rotate at the waist, looking back over your right shoulder and reaching your hand out to signal the waiter. Ask him for anything; it’s just a little excuse to get those extra twists and spinal manoeuvers while you’re dining. Switch sides and repeat. Remember to exhale on exertion — exertion is anytime you feel that waistline and those abdominals working.

Chunky Wunky

Strolling with Baby and seeing the world from her point of view is one of the best things about traveling. You are a Proud Mom, with chin lifted, shoulders down, waistline pulled tight, hips square to stroller handle. Place your hands on the stroller, swivel at the waist and look back over your shoulder, extending that arm out behind you.

When you feel loose, put the right hand on the stroller bar, the left, with fingers outstretched, on your waist. To do the Chunky Wunky, lift your left leg up behind you and gently lower it. Repeat five times, switch hands and do the other leg. How do you deal with balance in motherhood? Take it one leg at the time. After several repetitions, move on to see other sights.

It’s very, very difficult to work out after having a baby, but you have to put one foot in front of the other to Strollercize or even to enjoy a family vacation. Good luck, Moms! After you put fitness into your life, you’ll be the ones ready for a playdate!

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