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Our top seven money-saving tips should help you find a cheap family rental car deal. That is, if you know what to look for in a car rental and what rental companies will never tell you.

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Renting a car is more affordable if you do some pre-planning.

Renting a car when you’re on an extended family holiday isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.  Especially when you’re traveling with young kids in tow and even more so if those children are under 10.

But there are a few more things to consider when making your booking to ensure a smooth ride for the whole family.

1. Car Size Matters

The first thing you’ll need to come to terms with is that when it comes to family travel, size really does matter. A family of four is going to have at least four pieces of luggage. Make sure there is ample room for bags and bodies.

When choosing your rental vehicle also consider ‘luxury’ items that will make your trip more pleasurable. We recommend SUVs for the sheer joy that copious amounts of cup holders can bring to a road tripper. And keep in mind that in this era of sky-high gas prices, compact and small cars usually cost more than larger vehicles.

2. Get Child Seats

If the ankle biters are still in the food-flicking, drink-dribbling age bracket, then it’s likely you’ll require a car seat.

Be sure to inquire about this when making your cheap family rental car deal as most car companies will charge an extra fee. If you’re bringing your own, you’ll need to ensure it fits in the model you’re hiring. Oh, and it’s in your interest to return the vehicle in the unstained state it was given to you. Pack a picnic blanket or large towel to cover the upholstery on the back seat.

Believe us – this will pay off.

3. Pickup at the Airport for Best Family Rental Car Deal

Don’t make it hard on yourself. If you’re traveling interstate or from overseas, be sure to check the pick up location is near the airport. Getting a bus after a long flight is the last thing you’ll want to deal with if you have a grouchy, sleep-deprived toddler.

If it’s a little further away, send Mom ahead to get the paper work happening. Dad stays back to herd the rest of the family. Remember that a pick up and return to the same location is usually much cheaper too.

Best car rental prices – Guaranteed.

4. BYO Car Gadgets

Is your rental car cheap because it’s not space age with all the latest bluetooth and USB interface capabilities? If so, then you must, absolutely and without fail, pack a bag of electronic goodies.

Life saving equipment includes enough headphones for all. This tip is worth its weight in gold but relatively inexpensive – get a headphone splitter. If little Johnny’s iPhone runs low on batteries he can plug in to Peggy Sue’s MP3 player and they can – gasp – share it. Or, if you only have one video device, then teens can enjoy “Spider-Man: No Way Home” all at once.

Also consider packing or hiring neck supports (for naps), snack trays and sun shades. Well entertained, non-sunburned children are infinitely more tolerable.

5. Tell Teens They Can’t Drive Rentals

Be warned that if they’ve just qualified for their licence teens are going to pester you to drive the shiny rental car. Do not allow this to happen unless you are certain they are listed as drivers and are insured. (Unlikely to happen on a cheap family rental car deal.)

Many rental companies won’t allow drivers under the age of 25 and others charge an additional fee. The legal age for unrestricted driving will also vary from state to state. You need to be clear on this when you pick up your car rentals.

A new option is Kyte, a rental car service. Kyte meets you to deliver and pick up a rental car at your chosen location in 14 urban US locales. Kyte welcomes college students ages 21 to 24 who are currently enrolled in school. As long as you have a .edu email address, get standard rates in California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Washington D.C. All customers are subject to a standard deposit and must have car insurance.

6. Check and Doublecheck Insurance

And finally – always, always get full comprehensive insurance. The reasons for this are obvious. Nobody wants to think about the potential for an accident but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Driving tired or with the inevitable distraction of a car full of children will by no means decrease the risk.

However, your personal car insurance policy may carry some benefits when renting cars. Also, a travel insurance policy may include Collision Damage Waivers and Liability. Be sure to check before shelling out more cash.

7. Plan Ahead to Avoid Surprises!

You’ve probably heard stories from friends about cheap family rental car deals. Typically, they say they were charged more than expected for all sorts of strange fees. Use a price comparison website like Priceline to find top Rental Car brands at up to 40% off.

Summing up, next time you travel on the road in a rental car with your family, consider car size, airport pickup, gadgets, teen drivers and insurance and you’ll find you have a very smooth vacation without any nasty surprises.

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