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The Family Blog, Travel Blog, Mom Blog, Baby Blog… These personal journals are a great resource for traveling families, so we recognize some of the best.

They have only been around for a little more than a decade, but blogs are rapidly taking over cyberspace.  And now with the advent of Twitter and other social media venues, there is no better time for bloggers to connect with their audience. is a comprehensive guide to family vacations around the world, so we're a big fan of the many travel and mom bloggers who talk about the top family vacations and best family resorts. We even have our own blog section for any FTF community member who wants an easy way to share their travel tales with the web at large.

Since there are countless family travel blogs, we have selected some of our favorites, listed below by category, author and/or topic. They are the cream of the crop.  Make sure you comment below to tell us which blog is your favorite and which ones we missed!

The Mom Blog

Mara, a travel writer and family enthusiast, blogs about how traveling has never been more fun than with her two sons and husband in her blog The Mother of all Trips. Read her blog and discover how traveling with kids doesn’t necessarily mean slowing down, and how you can enjoy every minute. Her blog motto, “Bringing the world to your kids – and your kids to the world” holds true as most of her blog entries detail the joy she feels as her kids experience new places, and her hope that one day her kids will be global citizens ready to change the world for good.

Family Travel Forum loves encouraging traveling with your kids, but we know that every once in a while moms need a break from the hardest job in the world. Moms on Vacation Travel Club is dedicated to helping mothers find and plan the perfect getaways for their much needed vacations. Travel planning for moms taking trips sans children, updates on the latest travel deals, and free trips are just a fraction of what the site has to offer. This site is the perfect way to get yourself motivated to take that long-delayed trip and recharge your batteries so you can be back and ready to take on anything — even teenagers!

Blogs featured on Traveling Mamas include advice on family vacations, romantic getaways, trips with your girlfriends, and solo trips, so it’s not all about the kids (even though we love them). The site has regular authors and guest authors who write the blogs for the site, all under a “mom” alias.

Wondering where the best places to stay are while traveling? Visit the Travel Savvy Mom website for family-friendly hotels, gear, and destinations. The website is made up of a network of moms all over the world who’ve experienced the daunting task of traveling with kids, and adamantly claim that their advice is honest and completely mom-biased. What better way to receive advice on traveling with your family than from a mom just like you who’s already done it?

A blog started by a traveling mom based in Seattle, Wander Mom chronicles her family’s travels and also reviews hotels and other properties where they’ve stayed. Her family is an active one so there are also reviews of outdoor activities, travel products, and travel gear. Her posts are casual in tone and range from talking about her family’s adventures to good book recommendations, to tips on staying in hostels.

Three professional travel writers who also happen to be moms have teamed up to contribute to The Vacation Gals, which offers advice on family travel, getaways with girlfriends, and romantic vacations. Based in Minnesota, California, and Colorado, these three women cover travel all over the US. Their posts are always accompanied with cute pictures and they often host small giveaways.

If you are heading to the New York with your tots in tow, be sure to check out Carol Cain’s NYCityMama. Here, the Brooklyn native and mother of three catalogues her favorite sights, tastes and trips in and around the New York metropolitan area. Whether it’s a day trip or date night, with kids or without, NYCity Mama is an excellent resource for Moms in search of big fun in the Big Apple.

When Kim Orlando’s career started requiring her to travel on a weekly basis, she welcomed the short breaks from the hectic pace of family life. As she would soon learn however, juggling the roles of mother and traveling professional is far more complicated than it looks. Kim began assembling tips and tricks from other traveling mothers and soon founded TravelingMom – a site where traveling mothers from all different backgrounds can share their own travel stories as well as provide insight regarding specific travel topics. Kim's site also features an extensive collection of travel deals, region-specific itineraries and product reviews.      

The Travel Blog

Nancy D. Brown is a professional journalist who has combined her writing career with her passion for travel in her blog What a Trip.  She writes numerous travel columns and is the editor for a travel website and magazine. Nancy’s tag cloud on the right column of her blog contains categories for almost every country, state, or region you might want to visit. There are also categories for “food,” “budget travel,” and “family vacations,” so you’ll have plenty to read about.

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site is a website where Matt, a young travel writer, records his many experiences abroad. His blogs topics range from advice on what hostels to stay in while traveling in Europe, to attending the greatest festivals in the world, to council for eager newcomers on how to become a successful travel writer. Matt’s vagabond lifestyle, hopping from country to country, state to state, may not be the ideal lifestyle for a traveling family, but his travel advice is valuable to any traveler, kids or no kids.

We Just Got Back is a website focused on family travel that mainly features travel deals and news, tips for traveling with families, and insider guides to some major travel destinations. One of the components of their site is a blog which generally posts travel deals—but rather than simply posting the deals, one of the perks of this blog is the “Deal or No Deal Feature.” The blog breaks down a package deal for you by price, compares it to what the price would be without the deal, and then lists the savings you’ll receive. Sometimes with all-inclusive packages, without really reading the fine print, you’ll end up spending more with the package than you would have without it, so this feature is a helpful way of sifting through package deals and finding the really good ones. The blog also has a “Land of the Free” feature which lists free family-friendly activities in major cities.

Pitstops For Kids’ founder, a mom who loves to travel, has created a website less focused on destinations but rather on the journeys to destinations. Having heard, “Are we there yet?” one time too many, this blogger decided to compile reviews of different kid-friendly pit stops around the country. You can search easily for pit stops by airport, interstate, resort or state. Pit stops featured range from parks to museums to restaurants, all with a focus on letting kids out of the car for a bit to stretch their legs. Though there are pit stops all over the country, the majority of the coverage is in the Pacific Northwest and in the Southwest.

Travel with Kids is a television show that chronicles the adventures of the Roberts family as they circle the globe in search of family-friendly adventure. This blog is the counterpart to the TV show, describing all of the fun places the Roberts have gone to before the episodes air on television. Rather than buying the DVDs, you can just read the blog here for ideas on how to travel with kids to places like Wales, Costa Rica, and New York City. The blog also features lots of great pictures and videos, as well as reviews of places the Roberts have stayed.

This blog comes from the creator of Mom Maps, a free iPhone application that lets you search for kid-friendly places such as playgrounds and play areas using the GPS on your iPhone. The Kids Play Guide posts various kid-friendly destinations and discounts, mainly in California, specifically San Francisco. There are also mentions of restaurants that are appropriate for children and family traveling tips.

The Company Blog

On Nickelodeon’s website, there’s a section dedicated to family travel. You can get tips on how to plan your vacation, what to do on the way, how to eat healthy with your kids, what to do once you get there, and how to relax along the way. Although it’s more of an actual travel website than a blog, it has the same effect and offers good advice for the traveling family.

Suite Trip, the travel blog of Homewood Suites, features bloggers from all around the web, including writers from The Vacation Gals. Stories cover anything from road trip games to America’s weirdest tourist attractions. General categories of posts include budget options, getaway destinations, and travel tips. In addition to the nine bloggers that share posting duties, there are occasional additional guest bloggers, so at this blog you’ll get family travel advice from all different viewpoints.

The Baby Blog

Shelly Rivoli, author of the guidebook Travels with Baby, shares her traveling expertise on everything from what kind of car seat to buy, to biking in Yosemite National Park, to flying with babies — in her blog of the same name. Focused on traveling mainly in the western US and complete with lots of pictures and videos, this blog is charming to read and also offers occasional baby travel gear giveaways.

A mother of three young kids has started a blog Delicious Baby to offer advice to parents who want to keep traveling even though they’ve just had kids. Debbie shares her personal travel stories as well as general tips and advice for traveling with children. Some favorite topics include printable kids’ activities for traveling and an in-depth look at traveling in Istanbul with young children.


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