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My name is Lizzie, and this is the story of my life. People sometimes say, they wish that they could move, or travel the world. When I, on the otherhand, strive to stay in one place. My story begins when I was born in the year 1991.

I don’t remember much of the three years that I spent in Massachusetts, so I’ll make this quick. I had a father, but hardly knew him. I always say that my mother was both my mother and my father. She has got to be the most amazing person; and the strongest; that I ever known. We lived in a small apartment with my older brother and sister. One day I found out that we would be living with my new father; in New York. I was young then so I had no idea what to expect.

When we arrived first I have never seen so much country in my lifetime. It seemed so peaceful there. The trees swaying as the wind blew, the feilds all filled with bundles of hay. The view was magnificent, it was as if I had just walked into a fairytale.

He was a wonderful father to me. He had raised me since I was four years old until this present day. He was the type of man who would work so hard to try to support his family. We didn’t have much, but the things that we had I had viewed them as treasure. My life there was the best times of my life. I had thought that we would stay there forever; but I was proven wrong.

Seven years later, I had found out that we would be moving to a place I had never been before. Someplace warm, where there was palm trees and beaches everywhere you went. This place was Kissimmee, Florida. At first I was upset that I would leave all that I had known behind. I dreaded thinking about the people that would be there; and how they would respond to a country/ hispanic girl like I was. But then later on I came to realize that this was an adventure for my family and I. We could be whomever we wanted to be. This had excited me.

When we arrived at the airport, and stepped off the plane I felt the heat come rushing onto me. All I could think of was ‘I’m really here, I’m setting foot on Florida ground, Wow!’ It was a great three years that I had spent there in Florida. Boy was it beautiful there. I knew sometime in the years that I lived there, that my parents would have us move again to someplace unexpected. Then, I had been proven correct. We had left in the middle of my seventh grade year, and I was hardly upset about it, surprisingly. I had gone with my brother on a plane back to the state of Massachusetts; my parents were driving up with the rest of our belongings.

When we arrived at the airport, I had met my uncle after so many years of living without him. My brother and I had stayed with him for two or three weeks, before my parents had come with the truck of our belongings. It was struggling for them at first to find a place to live, and the school that I would be going to. That was something that I was afraid of, what would people think of me? Would they like me? Would they hate me? I never knew until the first day of my seventh grade year in Fitchburg, MA. It wasn’t so bad at first, people actually talked to me, and I made friends really quickley. I was starting to like it. But I was afraid that if I got to close to people that I would end up leaving them behind too, just like the other times.

My parents made a promise to me that they would not move until I graduate from my high school. I was stupid enough to believe them. I had attended the Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fitchburg, MA. I loved it there. I was on academic honors and I enjoyed every minute of being at the school. I had made it on National Honor Society, and had been a team member of the school volleyball team. I loved that too. Opening up to people first was hard, but then after awhile of thinking I wouldn’t move, it became a little more easier for me.

I had made some the best friends possible. As I was starting to think that I would actually finish a school, reality came to play in my life once again. My life as I knew it would be changed. I was told suddenly by my mother that I would be leaving and not be able to finish my senior year of high school. My reaction was like any other kids would be, angry. I was so angry with her I could almost spit fire. I kept saying that it wasn’t fair for me to go through this my last year of high school. That I should stay with someone to finish it out; but my fighting did me no good. I knew then that I had to be leaving all those that I loved. My last day at my high school was so hard for me. I had said bye to all of my teachers, my friends, and my boyfriend. I thought that my life would never be the same.

When we were driving up to New York all I kept thinking about was what is high school going to be like here? What kind of people live here? As I arrived I noticed that it was much different than Massachusetts was. It was more populated than I was used to. I am now living in my new home. Life is hard for me but all I can say is that you should live life to the fullest. And that everything happens for a reason. Yes, I had to leave all I knew behind again, but now I have a new place to spread my wings, because I am older now and I know the reasons for why things happened to me and my family.

Life is hard thats all I can say; and life is not fair, but when you have a calling in your life you must not let anything get in your way of your dream. All of the trials that I have been through never stopped me from my dream, and it never will.

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