Ziplining in the Costa Rican Rainforest | My Family Travels

 Over the summer I went to Costa Rica with my school and some of my friends. one of the best parts of the trip was ziplining through the rainforest. It was exhilarating to be one hundred and fifty feet over the forest floor. As the trees whipped past my face and I swore I could touch them with my fingertips. The scariest part was when we would transition between lines, they had a platform on the tree and we would stop and hang over the floor as they unhooked us. And up to seven people would stand on a platform at a time not including the instructors! There were fifteen different lines and the longest one was over the rapids. As I crossed over to the land I was flying over rocks, rushing water, and logs. I would recommend ziplining to everyone even if you don’t like heights because it is an unforgettable experience.



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