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Trinidad And Tobago: Caribbean Carnival at its Best

Trinidad and Tobago's spring Carnival will amuse your family with great costumes and amazing creativity.If you like pulsating music, dancing in the streets, spectacular cultural events and...

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Family Resorts of St. John, USVI

A family of 5 sleeps around at several of this US Virgin Island's top resorts to judge the best.Our family of five travels often from Washington DC. We swim in rooftop pools in New York hotels...

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Villa Life On St. Barths

Veteran family travel writers put their favorite island, St. Bartholomew's, to the test. And the wonderful Caribbean retreat does more than pass; it excels!In our...

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Cocoa Cottages Eco-Lodge, Dominica

Cocoa Cottages captures the best of the Caribbean for eco-trekkers: an intimate family atmosphere and plenty of opportunity for adventure! Among all the Caribbean islands, Dominica is known for...

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Caribbean 101: Ports Of Call Define Islands

Here's what to expect as you step onto the most popular islands of the Caribbean, whether you arrive by sea or air.The fabled Caribbean "ports of call" -- where cruise ships make their stops...

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St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

FTF tells you how to kayak, snorkel, "snuba" and more on the beautiful beaches of St.Thomas.Beauty is impossible to ignore on St. Thomas. Cleaner and somewhat more chic than many Caribbean...

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Isla Cozumel

The Mexican island of Cozumel is an exciting place for all ages to learn to snorkel and dive. Find out the best places to stay and play. Sitting just a few miles off of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula...

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Unknown Vieques

FTF gives you the inside details to the Spanish Virgin Island of Vieques, a little known Caribbean treasure neighboring Puerto Rico. For many years, Vieques was considered the inexpensive and...

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Holiday Inn Sunspree Montego Bay

This older resort, spruced up to compete with its glittering neighbors, still offers top values for your vacation dollars.Though the Holiday Inn brand may not jibe with your image of a tropical...

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