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Woman teaches baby how to swim in indoor pool.
How To Teach Babies And Toddlers To Swim

As parents, we want to know how to teach our babies to swim because the desire to see, feel or hear water is universal. People from all walks of life seek its soothing yet refreshing...

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Boy wearing a surfer's rasher to guard against the sun at the beach.
Fashionable Sun Protection Clothing

Protect yourself and your kids with sun protection clothes, hats, sunglasses, and other products that are effectively UV resistant and stylish. Increased awareness of the power...

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Family on an inflatable raft ride the rapids down the Grand Canyon with OARS outfitters. Photo by Josh Miller for OARS
24 Best Spring Break Vacation Ideas for 2024

Are sun and sand, snow, or city lights among your spring break ideas? Maybe you want to sail away being pampered every minute (No meals to cook! No beds to make!) Maybe you want...

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Visitors to La Playita at Todos Santos carefully release sea turtle hatchlings to the sea at dusk.
Todos Santos, The Quieter Side Of Baja And Los Cabos

Few travelers ever visit Todos Santos, the quieter side of Baja. While known for being rustic, like “San Jose del Cabo the way it was 30 years ago,” it has a special charm....

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Dominica Carnival women in costumes
Our 18 Favorite Mardi Gras Carnival Celebrations Outside New Orleans

Here are the top 18 places known among party-lovers and Catholics for superb Mardi Gras Carnival celebrations. The Mardi Gras or Carnival is such a popular and...

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Map of the Baja California Sur peninsula with the route marked between San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos and La Paz.
My Guide To Baja And Los Cabos Resorts

Celebrities constantly post about Baja and Los Cabos resorts top every ‘Places to Go’ list. While all the media attention is alluring, these buzzy nicknames aren’t even on...

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View of Las Guacamayas, a cafe specializing in molcajete in San Jose del Cabo.
Magical San Jose Del Cabo For Great Los Cabos Resorts And Memorable Dining

Magical San Jose del Cabo is the true gem in the Los Cabos region. This historic town, honored by Mexico's pueblo magico designation, has managed to retain its charm despite...

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Crowds play and sunbathe on the busy public beach lined with the top Los Cabos resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Calfornia Sur, Mexico.
Choosing The Top Cabo San Lucas Resorts And Dining Spots

Cabo San Lucas, home to some of the region's top resorts and dining, is where the nickname “Cabo” originated. The bustling city is at the southern end of Baja California Sur....

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Wedding gazebo on the beach at an interval ownership resort in Los Cabos.
Is It Worth Going To A Timeshare Sales Pitch: What You Need To Know

We spent three hours of a recent vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico sitting through our first ever timeshare sales pitch. Here’s the reality of our experience. Read on to evaluate...

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