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Mayflower Park Hotel and Seattle Hit Sweet Spot for Teens and Tweens

There are many well-known toddler attractions in Seattle, but once this verdant, hip city gets into your blood,...

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Rearview mirror with a road receding into the distance.
Mom, 3 Kids, 5 Days – Los Angeles To Vancouver Family Road Trip

Follow my advice on how to avoid a bumpy ride -- or should we say mom's worst nightmare ever? -- on a roadtrip from Los Angeles through Oregon, Washington state and Vancouver.

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Following Lewis And Clark Through Washington

Washington State looked different to us than its wilderness did to Lewis and Clark so many years ago, so we became our own Corps of Discovery. When Lewis and Clark blazed a trail...

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Washington DC, The National Cathedral

This is an architecturally dramatic monument to Christianity, past presidents and current events, as well as an engaging center for Medieval crafts and ways. In a city better known for museums...

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Washington’s New Art And Soul Fuels City

A new mood in the nation's capital promotes slow food, organic produce, folk arts, and American heritage -- all to the betterment of the U.S. government.A new mood in the nation's capital promotes...

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What’s Chillin’ In Chelan County, Washington

This scenic road trip promises recreation, offbeat cultural festivities and learning opportunities for all ages around Leavenworth, at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state.Sometimes...

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A Weekend in Seattle, Washington

Come to Seattle, a perfect hotspot of fun for teens, and the whole family! Teenagers are very busy people. Hours of homework, community service requirements and extra-curricular activities fill...

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Family Travel Forum Lobbies In Washington With IAB Long Tail Alliance

Media Only. June 15, 2009. FTF and small publishers go to D.C. to educate legislators and regulators on role of ad-supported Internet in U.S. economy.Washington, DC,  June 15, 2009...

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Custom Itinerary – Visiting Washington, DC: A Capital Idea

Q - Diane P of Hebron, Connecticut writes: We are planning a trip to Washington, DC with another family. All together there will be 4 adults and 6 children. We will be driving there, and are looking...

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