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    Roger Voshall

    Best places to visit in Jakarta:

    The National Monument
    Ancol Dreamland
    Istiglal Mosque
    National Museum of Indonesia
    Merdeka Square
    Jakarta Cathedral
    Thousand Islands
    National Gallery
    Taman Mini Indonesia Park
    Jakarta Chinatown

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    National Museum was great. I went there with my friend, whom like museum sightseeing much, and as what she said that this place is amazing and I admit that as soon as I walk from each room there. It will be great if the governor puts all the old statue into a glass which is will be good for the maintenance. But overall the experience was great, try it. Sorry about my bad English.

    posted by nicoalvesh

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    You must try the national museum, It is well maintained and not to be missed. The building itself was of Dutch architecture. Lots of artifacts from Hindu and Buddhist temple are showcased here. There were a lot of kids coming from all over the country to visit. Watch out for rip-off taxis there.

    posted by hamiltonwestenberg

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    Yes, Royale Jakarta it is!!! It was designed as a championship golf course; this is not an easy course especially for my embarrassing handicap. But the contour, the challenging, the maintenance on the course is very good. The club house design is nice. They also have a very nice service. I agree it is expensive.

    posted by vypersuomi

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    If you are into golf then you must try Royale Jakarta, it is a beautiful golf course with international standard and excellent facilities. If you are in Jakarta, it’s the best place to play golf. Really nice golf course in the middle of the city. I believe it’s the best-maintained golf course in the area, with precision cut fairways and beautiful landscaping. The blue / black tees are long and difficult, especially with the super slippery greens. But, it’s worth to play. It’s one of my favorite courses in Jakarta. Highly recommended but bring lots of money.

    posted by vurocolley

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    If you will be travelling with kids then you must try Kidzania. It is outstanding for kids 4 to 14, experience, activities, participation for kids to role play in real life adult roles, it’s an amazing concept. Everyone should take their kids to KIDZANIA, Jakarta is one of the first international KidZanai’s but now they are in many places like Bangkok, KL, Seoul, Dubai, Osaka and about 15 others… Great family edutainment.

    posted by weranowicki

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    This place is worth a visit. Go ahead and be spontaneous, it will be fun. Jakarta is a very nice place. I loved it. Stick to foreign areas at night.

    posted by merliajtrottler

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    Are you the type who loves beautiful architecture? Then appreciate the European-style cathedral in the bustling city of Jakarta. It is interesting that Jakarta’s only cathedral is located just right across the largest mosque in Indonesia. The cathedral dates back to the Dutch colonial era. The church is open 7 days a week for anyone who wish to visit. It’s definitely a nice quiet place of worship.

    posted by forrestherve

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    It was an awesome relic structure in the midst of Jakarta and in the vicinity of the 6th Biggest Mosque as well. Amazing structure inside out. Great place to visit. Just a warning though, be very cautious about scams.

    posted by almondharry

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    I am into art so for the greatest place to visit in Jakarta is the Art:1 art gallery. I love the architectural design of the building and the artwork inside is simply marvelous; add friendly and helpful staff and a cup of coffee on the roof area of the building, definitely a nice place for art lovers go.

    posted by damirpavla80

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    widayanto ceramic house is wonderful. The place is clean and calm. Ceramics are attractive. I just found my most favorite place in Jakarta.

    posted by dimpyroy1090

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    Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. In Jakarta there are many tourist attractions. Starting from the national historical, cultural attractions, and etc. The uniqueness of the tourist attraction in Jakarta is formed from diverse ethnic and national character in Indonesia. Not a few foreign tourists who choose Jakarta as a tourist destination in Indonesia other than Bali, or other tourist spots.

    Tourist attractions in Jakarta with historical categories, include Pancasila Sakti Monument, National Museum, and Central Station TVRI. While the tourist attractions in Jakarta included in cultural tourism include Taman Ismail Marzuki, the Istiqlal Mosque, and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). For travelers who are looking for tour in Jakarta with a beautiful natural conditions, the attractions that you should visit is the Ragunan Zoo, Kepulauan Seribu and Taman Impian Jaya Anciol. For tourists who want to enjoy the offerings are modern type, you can explore the city at night.

    Here are top tourist attractions in Jakarta, Indonesia:

    1. National Monument (Monas)
    Monas is one of the entertainment center of the city. National Monument become an icon of Jakarta city. Monas peak gold plated and looks shining brightly in the night. This tourist attraction is a gathering place for people from diverse social status. Here is often used as the center of arts and culture festival event that can be enjoyed by the general public for free.

    In the complex monument, there is Museum Gajah Mada. Museum houses a variety of cultural and artistic richness of the historic property of Indonesia. Archaeological objects found in Indonesia, many are kept in Monas. So no doubt when on vacation visited Monas and students who want to learn the richness of Indonesian culture from prehistoric times to the present. Monas are often used to host national and international sporting events.

    2. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah/TMII (Miniature Park Of Indonesia)
    TMII a miniature cultural richness of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. This tourist attractions represents cultural diversity and charm of the tribes who lived on the islands of Indonesia. Tourists who visit TMII can see a variety of platforms custom homes, custom clothing, sacred objects particular tribe, to the arts and cultural dance performances from 33 provinces in Indonesia.

    Not only that, TMII is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta with the widest area. You will not be able to explore the unique tourist attractions in Jakarta in just one day. TMII has a number of museums of art and culture for students. For example, craft and engineering museum, museum reptiles, birds museums, and theaters Keong Mas. At certain times in TMII, national cultural arts festival held with a particular theme.

    3. Ancol Dreamland
    Ancol is a popular tourist attraction in North Jakarta since its establishment in 1966, Ancol Bay City or also known as Ancol Dreamland is the largest and most interesting recreation park in the Jakarta. It consists amongst others of a golf course, a theme park, hotels, nightclubs and swimming pools. It is located at the north of Jakarta on reclaimed land at the Bay of Jakarta.

    Tourist attractions at Ancol Dreamland:

    Fantasy World (Dunia fantasi). Jakarta’s theme park with over 40 rides and attractions including the Halilintar twisted roller coaster and shows. Ticket price for entrance to Fantasy World is Rp 135,000 per person on weekdays.
    Atlantis Water adventure. A five hectare large water park themed on the mythological city of Atlantis with a wave pool, waterfall pool, slides, children’s pools, continues flowing river pool and restaurants.

    Ancol Bay City
    Sea world. One of the largest oceanarium in South East Asia featuring pools for alligators and sharks, and a few general pools as the Sea friends pool and the Main pool

    Pasar Seni: An art market which in the course of it’s 25 years history has become a center for handicrafts and other art products as well as a center for artists to directly create and sell their products.
    Executive Golf Fun, Ancol’s 18 holes international beach golf course.
    Beaches. Within the resort you can find the Carnival beach and the Festival beach.

    4. Ragunan Zoo
    Ragunan Zoo was the first zoo in Indonesia. The zoo was founded in 1864 under the name “Planten En Dierentuin”, which means “Plants and the Zoo.” Jakarta Capital City Government donated 30 hectares of land area which is home to the zoo. Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin inaugurate Wildlife Areas of Ragunan on June 22, 1966. Currently Ragunan Zoo is located in the Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The zoo with an area 140 acres, there are various collection consisting of 295 species and 4040 specimens.

    5. Jakarta Old Town
    Jakarta Old Town is also known as Old Batavia. Jakarta Old Town or familiarly called the Old Town is a small area in Jakarta which has an area of ??1.3 square kilometers across North Jakarta and West Jakarta, covering areas Pinangsia, Taman Sari and Roa Malacca. Jakarta Old Town is an area that is still strong with the history and culture of both the Dutch and Chinese.

    Jakarta Old Town presents antique atmosphere typical of the Old Town and its many historic buildings and museums, in addition we are also able to enjoy the nautical tourism, shopping, historical and cultural tours, recreation and entertainment, and special interest tours.

    posted by BackpackerJoe

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    I would recommend you to visit:
    National Gallery;
    Jakarta Cathedral;
    Jakarta History Museum.

    posted by R.A.

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    My husband and I were thinking of Jakarta as our next destination. We have been searching information about the city prior to booking. I discovered through Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours that Singapore that the city was one of the must-tries. And I thought I could make use of some tips and advices from those who had first hand experiences. So my first concern is and mostly what I wanted to know is, what part of Jakarta is the best place to visit?

    posted by freyjamonfrin

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