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    Anastasia Frolova

    Hi! I would be very happy to be useful to you 🙂 I think you’ll get the most unforgettable impressions from a trip to London. There are incredibly atmospheric parks here. For example, Hampstead Hill Garden – included in the top parks according to the blog

    There is also written in detail about Bishops park and Postman’s park – I really liked them 🙂

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      I am coming to Frankfurt for a Business visit. I would like to know if there is any good Chauffeur service available in Frankfurt that you guys can recommend.
      One of my friends recommended FBL service, Let me know if anyone knows about this.


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    Emma Rogers

    If you would like to enjoy sun and warm water take a look at Southern Cyprus! Paphos, Coral Bay are wonderful places! Check [email protected] There are some fine variants to find perfect summerhouse

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    I enjoy reading your blog. Your post is interesting and enjoyable.

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    I am student of the department of tourism at the University of Piraeus in Greece and i am excited that we are conducting a survey about Family Travel.
    I would be really happy if you completed this quick survey:
    Thank you very much!

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    Guys, hello everyone! I love traveling around Europe with my parents! Our last trip was to Germany. And we’re utterly in awe. We didn’t know where to go and what to see (except for the overused sights). My dad started looking on the Internet for a list of different places to walk or relax and found an exciting guide to Germany . And then it started …. all three days, we constantly walked, went to interesting museums, drank the most delicious beer and ate the most delicious Bavarian sausages. To be honest, it was the best trip of my entire life.

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      wow still you guys made that trip awesome
      hats off to you

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    If you’re planning a holiday in Sweden, come visit They have the most amazing cabins that you can stay in. By the lake or near a river, whatever suits you the most. It’s the perfect holiday destination in wintere – lots of snow and Christmas vibes. Greetings from London!

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    I was recently in the Maldives. It was the best vacation of my life!

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      charles mishra

      If you want to visit Barcelona this summer, which it is a fantastic idea according with all the culture, family and leisure offer that you can find in this mediterranean city, I recommend you to stay in a Barcelona luxury apartment called Mercedes Heritage rather than in a hotel because there you can enjoy of all commodities (the best of a house and the best of a hotel) and being in a very convenient location.

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    John Gentry

    I’m planning to travel there soon may be in August. What I should carry with me?

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      i was reading and i taught i could help. if i,m a travel designer i will be happy to craft a tour for you if you like. With amazing discounts.

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    I’m visiting Chernobyl with chernobyl tours in July (been watching the HBO series ‘Chernobyl’, would love to visit Pripyat!), and have 3 days in Kyiv after. Good techno club recommendations to go to at night are also welcome.

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    Maela Oanez

    I’d recommend one of these Yoga retreats, it will be good for both your soul and body

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    Travelling to new places is my hobby. I love to gather interesting information related to that place. Iceland is such a wonderful place to visit. I had visited in 2019 at that time I had seen beautiful waterfalls, ice caves and volcanoes. I recommended Discover Iceland for my trip.

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      George Rodriguez

      I’m so envy of you guys folks! I’m still waiting to get my 2nd vaccine and start travelling in Europe again. My kids and I are planning on renting a 4×4 and visit all sorts of places in Italy and Greece this summer. We’ve been doing trips like this for the past four years with the exception of last year due to Covid restrictions on Americans. Hopefully we’ll join you guys soon!

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    Last year I was lucky enough to visit a very interesting place. Pripyat in general has such a powerful atmosphere and energy that you can’t feel anywhere else in the world. And here is the information I took at a specialized resource where the history and stories about Chernobyl are fully described, as well as all of the possible risks associated with such a trip. But all went well and if anyone has not been there yet, I recommend confidently)

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    Maya Perez

    The best way to make a low-budget trip is to walk more and to rest a hostel bed. that´s all.

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    If you want to travel to Europe with family then you can visit the Amalfi Coast. I visited in September last year and I fell in love with the place. The scenery is dramatic, and breathtakingly beautiful, the food is superb and the Italian culture is so rich and welcoming.

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    What do you guys think about this Travel blog? 

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    If you may be travelling with family then Europe is amazing with its stuffed with culture, art and good food & music.

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    Andrew Johnka

    How about tours in other cities of Ukraine. I think the most populous is Chernobyl but there are a lot of small cities like Chernihiv. I would advise to visit them too.

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    We cover the Pembrokeshire region of Wales (UK). Few people think of the UK for a place to visit, but we have some fantastic coastal areas, especially in Pembrokeshire!

    Marloes Sands Beach is one of my personal favourites!

    This stunning beach has been the location for several Hollywood movie backdrops, is packed with wildlife and is near the lovely town of Pembroke and its 1000yr old Pembroke Castle!

    Marloes Sands Beach

    Make sure you check these places out!

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    Sarah Johnson

    A great and extraordinary experience in MasiaPiu Lodge near barcelona in Spain for a traveller and a person who loves to explore Beautiful locations…i’ve had a great experience here and i highly recommend this to you Guys…

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    Hello, we have just been in Prague and we also went to see something more than just the city and it was definitely worth it. We went to Krušné hory ( here https:// ) and the nature was just really crazy. SOOOO beautiful.

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    Lara Berger

    I love to go to South Tyrol with my kids. The landscape is really beautiful and there are a lot of things to do in nature. Last year we have booked the hotels dolomites and had a very nice family suite. That was great!

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    I am planing after the pandemic maybe November or December traveling to Europe and if possibility London. my Dream of live one time visit to Eiffel Tower and London Bridge thanks for sharing easy hiring Coach if you ride more about price it will be great for me. anyway, thank you for sharing the travel experience of the Euro tour.

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    julie gonzalez

    Hi everyone,

    If anyone plans to come to Madrid this summer or even after as Spain is reopening its borders, I will highly recommend you to visit the capital city. No need to rent a car public services such as the metro or the bus are enough. If you like to discover a new culture and wish to discover the country’s history, I will advise you to go to the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace. If you decide to book a private guided tour, I will recommend you Madrid Discovery (, as they take care of everything from the tickets to the pick-up at the hotel!
    And don’t forget to taste traditional Spanish dishes such as the tapas! If you wish to refresh yourself and have great drinks at night, why not going on top of the RIU hotel to enjoy the view on its rooftop! There are a lot of luxurious hotels in the city which even provide a swimming pool for its guests! There are also many hotels which have family rooms and kids can enjoy a nice walk on the Retiro Park, play on the Madrid Rio park, there is also a zoo and an amusement park in the Casa de Campo in the west side of the city!

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    I advise you to visit Kiev (Kontraktova Square, Andreevsky Uzvoz), Lviv (old district), Odessa (sea, sun, beach, fortresses), Kherson Oblast (Askaniya Nova Biosphere Reserve). We can help, find through partners a company that will accompany you during a trip to Ukraine.

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    If you are thinking of traveling to amsterdam in europe then you must have to try Grachtenfahrt Amsterdam

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