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    Not sure about 15 things, but you can definitely visit Vatican City and Colosseum.

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    Hellen Barnes

    Just a great selection of cities. The biggest advice is not to yawn. Especially when you’re in France. There are a lot of pickpockets there. And I planned to go on vacation with friends, but in the end I decided to opt for a vacation with my mother.I regularly look at business class flights to Milan, because my mother really wants to arrange a real European shopping experience for herself. And as they say, if you leave your money somewhere, then only in Milan. I hope there is something.)

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    Kelly Smith

    I booked my flight on 18th October to Italy. I am going to celebrate my new year 2023 in Italy. If someone can help me to share a list of the best places in Italy which I cover in 20 days?

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      Dear, do you want to celebrate 2022 or 2023 new year?

      Also, how was your flight?

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    Rome, the capital of Italy, is a city engulfed in history. The “Eternal City” with glorious monuments is the most visited destination in Europe. Unsurprisingly, there are a whole bunch of things to do in Rome as a visitors.

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