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    UNWTO and WHO predict that the industry will not see signs of recovery until Q2 or Q3 of 2021. The full report available here:
    According to The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), it may take more than ten months before the tourism market recovers. That said, restrictions are already lifting in many parts of the world. China, for example, has already taken away the requirement to wear masks in bars and restaurants.

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    Retired Couple will move (drive) your vehicle for you from one location to another (Minimum 400 miles) any where in USA. Will do it for cost reimbursement only (gas, tolls, lodging, flight, and shuttle fee to airport if you can not take us at time of delivery). No profit built in as we do this to be able to see the USA at limited cost. Have done numerous times before and have references available upon request.

    Just provide from where to where and earliest date available for pickup and latest date it can be delivered.
    Do not take people or animals along, only drive the vehicle for you.

    Vehicle must be insured and have proper paperwork to allow to be driven on highways as well as in good mechanical condition to make the trip.

    Send us the info along with your direct email and we will provide you a quote.

    [email protected]

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