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    Hi everyone ;
    I want to write about my beloved country formerly Turkey now is called Turkiye, as we call in Turkish.
    I am sure that many people have prejudicies on visiting a country located at Middle East.Actually 97% of Turkiye’s land is located at Asia and 3% is in Europe.
    For that reason , it has been homeland of the civilizations that you learned at schools such as ; Hittites(a civilization mentioned at old testiment),Asyrians,Babybilonians,Egyptians,Ancient Greeks,Romans,Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Turks.
    So , Turkiye is a place where all these civilizations meet and did contribution on Turkish culture.

    Today , although it is not a member of EU ,at many respects , Turkiye is accepted as a EU country.So you can use Euro or Dollar when travelling through Turkiye.

    Turkiye is as big as Texas state and domestic flights fairly cheap in dolars , prices are about 50 usd to 90 usd.

    The most popular places in Turkiye ; of course number 1 is Istanbul … It is an amazing city where you see Romans and Ottomans architecture together that you need to stay at least 3 nights.It is the largest city at Europe.

    2. most popular place is Cappadocia which is called fairy chimneys because of unusual rock shapes. With cave churches and underground cities it is full of history with beautiful luxury hotels and dining places. By the way .. this is the best hot air balloon ride place in the world.

    3. most popular place especially for cruiseship passangers is Ephesus.. It was the 4th largest city in Roman times and one of the most intact city all around the world.

    So .. people make a triange on the Turkiye’s map. Start your discovery from Istanbul,as it has one of the largest airport and tons of direct flights all around the world,then check direct flights from Cappadocia to Izmir(Ephesus) first(not so many direct flights from Cappadocia to Izmir as it is not so much distance) then decide which one you will go first after Istanbul ; Cappadocia or Izmir?

    If you have any questions about Turkiye , please feel free to ask, visit my webpage and email ;

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