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      We have several owner car listings that need to be transported across the country. Please visit efravel web site and bid on those if it suits your travel needs.

      Good luck,

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      I’m looking to help owners or suppliers who need me to transport vehicles from one place to another. My driving record is clean!

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      Tim Bascombe

      I am looking to drive from Florida to LA in the beginning of June. Clean driving record. Tim

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      I am a missionary living near Albuquerque NM on a small stipend and would like to get to Chicago for my neice’s wedding May 18.

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      Kelly Florence

      retired military family driving cross country, can transport from Seattle, or CA to east coast. Our final destination is Virginia Beach but would be happy to deliver most states on east coast. Reliable vehicles only, will be a slower trip, as we are doing this as a family trip, southern route across US, departing Seattle to drive south through CA and then east. Depart Seattle June 28, arrive east coast around July 19. Excellent driving records, no car seats, older children, no pets, no smokers.

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      Eric Lee

      My wife and I are willing to drive your car from Irvibe , Ca to Phoenix, AZ during May 17-19,2019.
      Please contact Eric

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      Hi 🙂 I am an excellent driver looking to transport a car from Oakland CA to San Diego CA, June 3-13 2019. Contact me today! 8105435088. I am not looking to get paid and I will cover gas. Thanks!

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      Wynn Jones

      I’m looking to drive a car from SW Colorado or Albuquerque, NM to Michigan. I don’t need pay, will cover gas. Need to leave May 24. Thank you.

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      Terry Holt


      My name is Terry. I just recently closed down my Auto Transport business after 4 years to spend more time with my grandsons but I am doing freelance trips at reduced prices. I am very experienced. I have done east coast to west coast, North to South ( Snowbirds ), College Students and job relocations. I love doing this and love meeting new people. Please contact me if I can help you in anyway! I am based in Frankfort, Illinois.

      I hope to hear from you soon!


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      Me and my girlfriend can drive a vehicle from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA area during July 4 weekend (July 4 -7, 2019). Clean records, > 30 years of driving experience. Low costs: client to cover gas, night stay at the motels/inexpensive hotels. Me: 51 y.o., GA license, insurance. Girlfriend: 45 y.o. CA licence, insurance. We are both non-smokers, clean, responsible. Vadim. Write me at [email protected]

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      Suzy Karasik

      My partner and I live in 2 places – San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas TX. We are retired professionals and need to drive from the Bay Area to Dallas early July. If you need a car driven to/from the vicinity of these places, please contact me. We travel this route frequently and would be happy to help you out. You pay for gas, we don’t charge anything otherwise. Thanks You can reach me at 510-691-4052

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      Rick Thawani

      59 Years old retired professional couple will drive your car from/to Kansas City, MO to/from Anywhere in North America. Safe drivers with a clean driving record. Will treat your car as our own. Feel free to call anytime (660)-888-2917. Have a happy and Safe 4th!!

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      TJ Keating

      San Francisco to NYC, New Jersey Philadelphia, Maryland or DC Area Me and my wife can drive a vehicle (July 15 to 30, 2019). Clean records, > 30 years of driving experience. Low costs: CA licenses, insurance. insurance. AAA, Resourceful, cautious, mechanical, We are both non-smokers, clean, responsible

      [email protected]

      Driveaway drive west coast to NYC MARYLAND drive away drier cross country

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      TJ Keating

      West Coast to east coast Can drive San Francisco area to NYC, NJ or DC/Maryland July 16 to July 31, Clean License no accidents, mechanical person, retired couple hitech exec. and teacher

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      Rachel del Valle

      My partner and I are moving from New York City to Los Angeles in September. We’re looking to drive a car cross country starting on September 10th from the New York Area, with delivery to Southern California on or about September 24th. Excellent driving records, insurance. Will cover own expenses, just looking to be paired with a vehicle.

      Please contact me at [email protected] if interested.

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      Darla Madera

      Hey, hello ?!
      My name’s Darla.
      Am a reliable, trustworthy, licensed, insured driver with an excellent, long-term driving record. I have my own vehicle, that is spacious and gas efficient.
      Am available to drive your vehicle, your cargo, YOU or any items that you need moved, all across the USA. Am willing to transport your pet. Whatever you need (must be legal) moved, I’d be glad to help.
      I live in the Willamette Valley (Oregon) area.
      It’s a joy to travel, to see different parts of our Country, to meet new people.
      Rates are negotiable ~ let’s talk!

      Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this!

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      Responsible, mature 2 adults, perfect driving record, looking to drive your car from Atlanta to Boston, arriving in Boston area on August 26, 2019. No fee. We’ll pay for gas!

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        Hi! List your transport driving services on The website is free to users. Efravel links drivers/travelers to vehicle owners looking to transport their vehicle.

        Best of luck!

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      Colin MacLeod

      Are you located in the Richmond, Washington, Maryland area?

      Are you heading down to Florida soon?

      Are you looking for someone to drive your car?

      If so, I would love to speak with you.

      Rates are negotiable!

      I am heading down to Florida for August 23rd.

      Contact Details: [email protected]

      Thank you for your time.

      Colin MacLeod

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      Tom M.

      I travel FordF150 from Idaho to:
      California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, British Columbia and ALBERTA Canada on regular basis.

      If you need something shipped or a car moved than please let me know.

      Here to help with even pets!


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      Tom M.

      I travel western USA or west of Rockies a lot.

      I can help move stuff and even pets.

      Let me know


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      Tracy Wolfe

      I am a female who comes from a family of former professional racers and an auto salvage business. Why is this important? Because I was born with a love for cars, treat them with respect and know a bit of the mechanics side. Why is that important? Because I am wanting to drive your car or RV cross country. Currently looking to drive from Omaha, Nebraska to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas as soon as possible.

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      Emily D.

      I’m Moving from WA (Seattle area) down to CA (Oakland) in November with my small dog. Moving down to start at an animal rescue as a medical staff.

      Would love to drive your car down for you! Car rentals are expensive and I’m on low budget until I start this job. Moving into a house with basically nothing (only stuff I can take with me in a car)

      No cost, would be helping each other out. ????

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        Hi! I live on Bainbridge and am also looking to go to San Francisco in November ! Let me know if this works for you!

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      Brittany Marble

      I am traveling from Seattle WA to New England (Vermont but can deliver to other locations) in late November and would LOVE to move your car!! Will pay for all gas and cover the seats. Will not eat in the car. Please email me at [email protected]
      Take care!

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      Mary G

      I’m willing to drive your car from Charlotte, NC to Los Angeles in December 2019 (dates flexible).

      Thank you

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      Tom Dee

      64 year old with half a million+ accident free miles driving experience needs to return to the Philadelphia Pa area sometime between November 30th and December 20th, 2019. I have full insurance and valid drivers license and can drive any vehicle.

      Please contact me anytime. First come first served.



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      edward kelly

      I am retired after 39 years of practicing dentistry. I live near Atlanta. Able to deliver your car just about anywhere. Safe driving record. Never an accident.

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      Retired couple looking to see the USA and will drive your vehicle from one state to another (Minimum 1000 miles) for cost reimbursement only. Let me know if you have any drives you need done.

      [email protected]

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