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    Including tourist attractions in Buriram Province Buriram Province is a province in the lower northeastern part of Thailand. With traditional cultural heritage Many historical architecture

    Buriram province Has been called a sports city And popular tourist attractions of Thai people In addition, it is also called Stone Castle Land That is full of civilization And thousands of years of ancient history, such as Phanom Rung Historical Park, Muang Noi Castle, etc.

    Buriram province also has many important traditions and tourist festivals such as the Kham Kham Flower Festival, the East Kite Festival, the Khao Kradong Tradition. And merit-making festival

    Buriram is a city of enjoyment, meaning the name of a city that is livable for local people and is a city to visit for foreigners. There are many stone castles in the province of Buriram.

    Little Big Stone Castle Which means glory from the past From the study of archaeologists found evidence of human habitation since prehistoric times The Dvaravati period and the most important are found in the Buriram province.

    Cultural evidence of ancient Khmer Which has both a brick castle And more than 60 stone castles, including important archaeological finds such as kilns, earthenware and pottery, called the Khmer wares Which determines the age of approximately 15-18 century Buddhists in general and the Buddha statue of the great philanthropist.

    After the period of Khmer culture or ancient Khmer Then the historical evidence of Buriram Province Began again at the end of the Ayutthaya period Which was named as the old city and later named in the Thonburi period to the Rattanakosin period that Buriram was a city and known as the city of Kapae until 1933, has organized a new regional administration.

    Therefore was named as Buriram Province until today, the name of the city of Buriram Does not appear in the Ayutthaya and Thonburi historical documents, only the names of other cities Which is currently a district in Buriram Province, namely, Nang Rong, Muang, Phutthaisong and Prakhon Chai City, 1776.

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