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    Mary Ann

    We had an amazing family tour with Mila in St. Petersburg. She took a great care of my kids. Mila was very attentive, extremely patient and sweet. She took a note of all of my son’s triggers, and made sure to avoid them. We found her through the autism professional website, she was the only travel professional from St. Petersburg listed on that site, so, I would guess, she might be the only one who is licensed to hold autism friendly tours. Here is a link to her profile

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    Hello everyone! Does anybody know of a tour company in St. Petersburg that is certified to work with people that have autism? Me, my husband, and our 2 children, one of whom has autism are taking Baltic cruise in the Summer, and we are will be stopping in St. Petersburg for 2 days. We would like to work with a guide that understands autism, and is actually certified. There is a myriad of companies that do private and custom tours, but we are looking specifically for an autism-friendly tour. Does anybody know any company or a guide that is certified?

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