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    Amelia Claire

    Here is a list of the best attractions in the city for every traveler. Which one of these is your favorite?
    1. The American University of Beirut (AUB)
    2. National Museum of Beirut
    3. Byblos
    4. Mohammad al-Amin Mosque
    5. Beirut Souks
    6. Baalbek
    7. Tourist Landmark of Resistance
    8. Raouche
    9. Sursock Museum
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    Mohidul Alam

    Despite its modest size, Lebanon is a destination that boasts impressive natural scenery with its beautiful beaches, snow-capped peaks and lush valleys. Its welcoming population, its many vestiges of history and its exceptional cultural heritage make it one of the main destinations in the world for discovering old buildings and historical objects. Despite its small size, it has many places of interest to visit. If you ask yourself what to do in Lebanon and you have in mind only Beirut, you will see that tourism in Lebanon is far from being limited to visiting the capital!

    Although the capital of the country has few monuments after several years of war, this lively city remains a must for any trip to Lebanon. Treat yourself to a visit to the National Museum to discover several thousand objects dating back to prehistory, enough to plunge you into the history of the country. Do as most locals do and visit the natural site of Pigeon Rocks and enjoy a beautiful sunset on these rocky arches located off the cliffs of Beirut.

    Byblos was an important religious center dedicated to the worship of the god Osiris. Today, this city, which remains one of the oldest cities in the world still inhabited, welcomes many visitors to discover its ancient sites. You will be able to discover the royal necropolis of Byblos, in full heart of the ancient site of the city. It houses the tombs of Phoenician kings and it is here that was discovered the oldest Phoenician transcription, engraved on a sarcophagus. Also discover the remains of Byblos Castle, a structure built in the twelfth century by the Crusaders, and its moat or the amphitheater that dates back to Roman times.

    A prestigious city on the Lebanese coast, Tyre is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible by the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel. Located on the southern coast of Lebanon, the city has more than 100,000 inhabitants. With its 7 km of beaches and its turquoise blue water, a popular seaside resort. Among the unmissable, the old port where aligns a multitude of fishing boats with their nets, and at the turn, the so-called Christian district, with its houses and gardens of orange and apple trees.

    Tripoli is known for its legendary hospitality, and for its many monuments, mostly spared by the civil war. Tripoli reveals its history through its superb mosques, madrasas, or even its castle who dates back to the 11th century. Tripoli is a modern city that still retains its beautiful monuments of Mamluk architecture: the Taynal Mosque, the madrasas Al-Qartawiya and Al-Burtasiya. Do not miss the Lion Tower and The Souks that are a happy maze of colorful streets. Tripoli is also famous for its oriental pastries.

    On the Mediterranean, 40 km south of Beirut, stands Saida (or Sidon), one of the legendary cities of ancient Phenicia. It holds the name of the son of Canaan, grandson of Noah in Genesis, and Sayd (fishing in Arabic). Sidon is the perfect city in Lebanon where one finds an old and extended city typical of the Arab world. It’s a real pleasure to stroll through the alleys of Sidon. Much of the old city of Sidon is very dynamic and there are many stalls.

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