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    My favorite places are probably Bavaria (Germany), the whole city is very beautiful, especially the monastery Andecks, where you can eat and drink good beer, also Venice (Italy), where my relatives live and this city is truly beautiful, and if you want to visit something exotic, then I advise to fly to Namibia, this Savannah, which you will remember with a smile on his face. In general, I advise not to visit the same places, and travel everywhere, so for example I recently visited via , Moldova and Ukraine, before it was attacked. I was impressed that we are similar as people, but the mentality is very different, everything that was the norm for them, for me it was very strange, but the people of these countries are very friendly and I have never regretted that I flew there.

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    I am travel lover. Please share the Best places to visit in Destin, so I can make a plan according to that.

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