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    Brandon ND

    Just wanted to let travelers know about our new Caribbean island find. Closer to the mainland of Panama and Costa Rica’s border lies an incredible one-of-a-kind archipelago of islands, known as “Bocas del Toro Islands.” For boat owners the exploration is breathtaking, and very Caribbean with it’s vibrant colors and Caribbean foods and accents. f

    We came for an amazing vacation retreat with some friends, and after just one week we pretty much decided we were going to exit the slaver culture of the U.S. and get the island life for a bit.

    Panama seems a great country, we have not heard of easier residency requirements, and lifetime residency is what they give. Who would have known its like they have been making the Panama strip of paradise a perfect little secret.

    Packed with wildlife and groundbreaking diet discoveries in the jungle life, we had to get this nature for ourselves. Natural health is too important and interesting to pass up, and the state of the States, is just too poor.

    There are plenty of locals living off of nothing, selling coconut waters and crafts to the tourists in seriously much more carefree lifestyles with much less suffering…. I have not seen dogs wag their tails quite like they do here on the beaches.

    We will be here working with our newfound foster family, the Nutritional Diversity Future of Diet TEAM! Come see us >

    Well be here 😀

    Also check out and for the ultimate diet and the best way to check out Bocas!!

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