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    Leisl Larson

    Hello! I’ve spent the last few months helping my elderly mom get through some health issues and the pandemic and am now about ready to head home to Oregon. I’ve accumulated a couple of extra suitcases and boxes as my mom has gone through her life’s possessions and have been thinking about the idea of driving. If anyone within a few hours range of Montgomery needs a car or RV driven to the west coast it could be great for both of us. Little bit about me- I’m the daughter of an retired Air Force colonel and nurse practitioner mother, have a clean driving record, and don’t smoke or take drugs of any kind. I was a tour guide for Princess Cruises when I lived in Alaska so have experience driving large buses. While I don’t have a current CDL I am both comfortable and confident that I could handle an rv. I don’t run with scissors and I play well with others. I wouldn’t expect to be paid for driving your vehicle but would want the gas money to be covered. I could also be a great co-pilot if someone would just like company for their own drive and a backup driver. Obviously planning my trip to end in Oregon would be best but there could be some flexibility with the location depending on where you would need your vehicle dropped off. I’ve made the cross country trip more than a few times in my life so am familiar with what’s involved. As long as the vehicle is safe and reliable so am I. Feel free to text or call me- 541-531-5800- would prefer a quick text first, just to let me know you’re going to call as I’ve been flooded with an unusual amount of robot sales calls lately so haven’t been picking up each call. I need to be home before the end of November but could leave anytime within the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much!

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