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      I’ll go for a road trip in the US but it’s my first time renting a car, I don’t know what kind of car rental insurance that I need. I have health insurance so do I actually need PAI provided by the car rental company?

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      How much personal premium do you have? Are you a new driver? If you’re afraid of accidents, I suggest you buy PAI!
      Also, I am copying what I found on a car rental blog: “If you covered with insurance, but you do not want to affect your personal premium. Paying for personal accident insurance will do the trick as it comes prior to your personal insurance.”

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      Bluff City Taxi

      PAI is known as the personal accident insurance and it helps to protect drivers and the co-passengers of a hired car during an accident. It covers medical costs, accidental death, and any emergency care. But you must be a USA citizen to avail the benefits of PAI and it is only applicable inside the USA.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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